The Best Women's Self Defense Products in 2019

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Nobody wants to be the victim of an attack. It’s not like we walk to our cars after work hoping to get mugged in a dark alleyway, but unfortunately, many of us grow up hearing that we’re constantly in danger of being victimized. But have you ever stopped to think what you’d actually do if you found yourself in a threatening situation? Do you know how to defend yourself? No matter who you are, you should have a Creative EDC Self Defense Tool

Self Defense Stinger Tool

It’s important to choose a defense tool that makes you feel comfortable. It should be non-lethal, and can be carried legally anywhere. Stinger tool is a variation of Brass Knuckles, but it's absolutely legal in any place.A stinger tool is perhaps the Best Self Defense Weapon you can carry. It is a Christian Cross Pendant when it is worn as a necklace, which seems harmless completely.But the other face, you can transform the cross rapidly when you want to use it as a weapon. Full body is made of high strength 304 Stainless Steel, with a tungsten attack head in the end. The head is embedded firmly. It won't fall or drop when you use it to defense invaders.You could argue that it has less utility than a knife, but it is a great choice if you’re not comfortable carrying a blade.

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