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2023 New Full 304 Stainless Steel EDC Knuckle Single Finger

2023 New Full 304 Stainless Steel EDC Knuckle Single Finger

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  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel, can be used as a bottle opener
  • The surface is polished carefully, very shining
  • CNC processing, all edges are treated very carefully.
  • This is the best Brass Knuckles Rings
  • Diameter of the hole:23mm
  • Size:57mmx37mmx12mm
  • Thickness:12mm
  • Weight:70g

Customer Reviews

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hector maldonado

Very well made and light in weight

Good product, long shipping time.

K so the product purchased is actually what is shown in the picture. I didn't have high expectations when i saw the images and where the product was being manufactured. However, you will get what you see on the website. It's solid, comfortable to hold, and has a decent polish. The paracord lanyards that come with the product are also great additions as well. No frayed ends, no damaged lines/threads, and the knots and weaves are consistent. The dimensions displayed for the finger holes are also relatively accurate. They're like, 1-2 mms wider than shown but it doesn't degrade the knuck in anyway. I have medium sized hands and the knucks are still comfortable to use and hold. My ring finger has a diameter of 19-20MM but it's still comfortable. They did a good job on machining because i havent gotten any cuts or scrapes. No metal burrs or debris. Overall, it's a great product! My only complaint however, is the amount of time i had to wait. I understand that the world is coming off of the pandemic, places are always hiring but too few people are willing to work, and trade deals have been affected by the war. That being said, these are still worth the price you pay for them. I'm still waiting for other knucks but if the service is the same, I have one more week to wait.

Oh, and David has been quite helpful. He's surprisingly responsive with this service and i kinda wished amazon customer service would be this quick. David, youre doing a good job, i hope to continue doing business with this company.

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