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  • Full real Brass Made, 17.6mm Ultra-Thick, your fingers will be protected perfectly
  • Handmade polishing, brush finish, the surface is very smooth
  • CNC processing with Computer Carving Machine, all edges are treated very carefully
  • Great Everyday Carry Weapon
  • Diameter of the hole:23mm
  • Size:56mm x 60mm x 17.6mm

Customer Reviews

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The REAL DEAL, and the only game in town!

I want to first state that if you explore the website a little you will find out that this is an overseas company with a lot of mall ninja crap. So if you place an order in the US, don't expect them next week. The transaction went through without issue, and I received them within the month. Just be patient, and do not let that deter you, because it is well worth it. This particular pair is not cheap mall ninja BS, and US made or Not, these are the only guys with a product that's worth a damn and in stock.

You no doubt have been looking for a small set of knuckle dusters and wound up here. I live in Texas where impact devices have become legalized so I went searching. Well This Is IT. You've found them.
I opened the box and was blown away. The weight honestly surprised me. These are milled out of a THICK chunk of solid brass. Not stamped out of some piece of sheet metal or your cast pot metal "belt buckle/paper weight" at the corner store. They also came with a nice little bag and a lanyard with a brass bead on it that's not pictured. A nice touch.

Everything about these embodies precision and comfort. There was a good bit of effort put into making these all they can be. They came with a mirror polish, but after a week of fondling and carry, they are developing a nice patina like only real brass can. Despite which ever two fingers you decide to grab these with, they always just seamlessly melt into your grip. No sharp edges, no rough surfaces, everything is symmetrical. You can really put a white knuckle death grip on these things.

These are also very comfortable in the pocket, despite the weight. Makes it easier to find and retrieve in my opinion. But they don't stay there much because I cant seem to put them down.
And the mass these put behind your fist is incredible, No doubt devastating to whomever ends up underneath them.

A word of caution though, is be mindful of the diameter of the finger holes. I have let a number of people try these on, and for two of them, they did not fit. So look at the description. If you got great big sausage fingers, these might not be for you. I have average sized hands and fingers. One fella had fingers that were far from slender and they stopped at his middle knuckles. The website doesn't have a larger pair, but they should consider making some. (cough cough) I look forward to keeping up with the website in the future. I will definitely be making another purchase at some point. Whether getting a gift or buying a different product for myself. They really knocked these out of the park.

There's not a whole lot more to say other than that this is a lifetime product. Its not gonna break, or wear out, or need bullets you can't find, or need to be sharpened. This is it. And its perfect.

Ilias Mylonas

Super product, perfect service!

Kenneth Cheek
Good night !

I work as a Floor Host (aka bouncer) at the largest adult entertainment club in Phoenix. These knuckles will put a guest to sleep. Either closed fist or open hand...I know.

2nd pair

I picked some up on eBay a while back. One of my friends saw them and thought the world of them. Do like a good homeboy I shot them to him thinking I could order more? Wrong by the time I went to order more they took them off eBay. I have been looking for them for months now and finally saw them. Best thing besides a gun. They will do more damage then a gin in my opinion. Cause you can literally beat the shit out of someone and they have a chance of living. I would not give up my 2nd pair for a glock. That's how much I adore them. Perfect for the person with large fingers. And I'm not that fit so I can easily over come the biggest bad ass out here with these things. Trust you can not make a better investment. I wish people will fuck with me just so I can use them without feeling bad over starting shit just so I have another opportunity to use them. I will have them for years to come. Thank you for such a perfect weapon. You only need to land one time to end any dispute. I hear it feels like a baseball bat up side your head.


thick and heavy!!! great quality !!!


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  • what is the weight on your DFK cakra two finger brass


  • Do you guys deliver to Canada?

    For this product
    It can be shipped to canada

  • Just received my double finger knuckle dusters , wanted another pair but sold out , when will there be more in stock??

    it will be in stock after holiday
    around 19th Feb