925 Silver Rose Self Defense Ring

Self Defense Weapon

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  • A sharp point is concealed in the rose petals, difficult to be aware.
  • The ring is made of 925 silver
  • Light weight, only 8.7g
  • Easy to switch between Common Women Jewelry and Self Defense Weapons For Women, just screw the rose petals.
  • The design is very unique and exquisite
  • Open design. Ring size can be adjusted, fit for most of fingers

Customer Reviews

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Cute Dainty Ring

According to the description, It holds true to what they claim.
It's light but still carrying weight enough to prove quality. The flower petals are easily attachable and removable. It didn't cause any trouble to transform--which is nice and very critical in a Self Defense sense. You'd definitely want something to easily come on and off without causing any difficulties. It was marked as Silver, as they claim it to be on the website AND the ring is definitely adjustable, with the bendable base you can affix to fit your finger.

There was only one negative for me about this ring and it's entirely opinionated--I wish the petals were attached to something. Perhaps a tiny chain to the bottom of the ring base. Because once you take it off, you have to hold it or you'd loose it. It's so tiny, so you can easily drop it on the floor. I'm just imagining myself in need of this and the last thing I'd care about is if the petals were still around after I used this to save my life. So, having the petals attached to a tiny chain, will allow them to fall but not get lost. It will just dangle there until you screw it back on. All in all, well worth the purchase.


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