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12 Common Weapons For Self Defense

Regarding self-defense, some people may say that the fist is the last word, and practicing the body is more useful than any Self Defense Weapon. I want to say that fists can prevent gentlemen, but not villains. If you are in conflict with the people around you on weekdays, you will not suffer losses if your fist is hard enough, but what if you encounter a gangster? No gangster will come to you with bare arms. Generally speaking, the dagger is a standard gear for gangsters. So who among us common people can be confident that they can hold the knife with bare hands?

In many places, such an example is seen: an ordinary person who is not very strong, rolls a newspaper into a stick and paints it like a knife to attack an expert fighter. Expert fighter can snatch the newspaper, but there will be several colors on his body. It ’s not easy to snatch the blade without any harm! Let's think about it. If we can easily snatch the knife blade after little practice, why do we invent the knife?

Above I want to prove that when dealing with armed gangsters, how important there is a Self Defense Tool in my hand. Let's take a look at which cold weapons are suitable for Self Defense.

1. Nunchaku

Some people may think that nunchakus are just things used to show off and do not have attack power. In fact, the nunchakus are more lethal than common short sticks, because the free end will have a high speed when they are swung, and the attack power is naturally greater; Its attack and defense range are also greater than common short sticks, and the steel chain in the middle also has the functions of hanging and seizing a weapon. However, nunchakus are difficult to practice. In addition to hitting yourself often, it takes much time to have a good sense of control stick and swing skills of not hitting yourself.

The essentials of using the nunchaku are: stable holding, fast output, accurate hitting and good stick control skill. It is easier said than done. It must be more painful and more time-consuming than practicing other ordinary Self Defense Weapons.

Disadvantages: The threshold is high, it takes time and hard work to practice well.

2. Short stick

Why are short sticks instead of long sticks? You can't always carry a baseball bat everywhere! The people must regard you as a Shaolin monk if you do like this.

Why are short sticks instead of knives? United States has a strict guideline over knives, and it’s difficult to explain to a cop when he go out with a dagger. Everyone should know that some time ago, a man was detained by a cop because he carried a keychain knife. And the knife could not pass the security check, it is inevitable to take train and plane when going out. It was also a trouble to pass the security check.

To use short sticks, you must learn something about short sticks. Filipino Kali Skill is the first choice. Filipino Kali is not limited to short sticks. Anything you can get in life can be a stick: umbrella, tennis racket, wooden stick, comb etc., so it is very convenient and practical. I will talk about Filipino Kali in "Counting World Fighting System", so I won't go into details here.

Disadvantages: It is not powerful enough for long knives, steel bars, steel pipes; It is too long to carry, too short to have enough attack power.

3. Expandable Baton

It's still a stick, which can be retracted. When retracted in peacetime, the volume is very small, easy to carry; the stick can expand and be locked as soon as it is swung, the stick body has both toughness and rigidity, with the heavy stick end, it has an ultra-ordinary strike power. The practice of swinging the stick is relatively simple. You only need to master the basic main points. The rest depends on your speed, strength and accuracy. These can be obtained after repeated practice.

Disadvantages: Not powerful enough for long knives, steel bars, steel pipes.

4. Self Defense Whip

This usage is relatively simple, that is, swinging in circles, as fast as possible, as far as possible, because if your whip does not swing fast, there is no lethality, even if hit accurately; as long as you swing fast enough, lethality will naturally be great. The flaw will be much smaller after swinging area covers your body.

Disadvantages: The lethality is not as direct as sticks and knives, and it is not fit for close combat. If someone tries to get close to you with a few whips, it will be troublesome. It's a headache to be caught, it's over if you can't swing.

Disadvantages: Can't swing after being approached; not powerful.

5. Bayonets

Said to be a Self Defense Weapon, the bayonets is more often used as a murder weapon. Bayonets emphasizes the function of stab to the extreme, and only it, so it is used to kill people, too rough.

Disadvantages: Easy to cause death, are you going to kill people or Self Defense?

6. Brick

No matter how high the martial arts skill are, they are afraid of kitchen knives. The brick is really a good thing for self-defense. But the most powerful thing about it is deterrence. A brick is held in hand, so no gangster can get close to it.

In fact, the throwing effect of the brick is not good, it is difficult to hit accurately, the damage is not great, and it is easy to anger the gangster. Besides, if one brick is thrown, do you have another brick (except at the construction site)? However, if it is really on the construction site, it is easy to evolve into the scene of thinking of throwing bricks.

Disadvantages: It is not easy to find at critical moments.

7. Throwing Knife

It is Xiao Li's fucking throwing knife, which can be ranked third in the weapon spectrum, so it is known that its power is not small. Generally speaking, the bigger one is called a throwing knife, and the smaller one is called dart. In fact, throwing knives are difficult to practice. Don’t believe the so-called “aim with soul” in the Kungfu movie. It is difficult for the common people to hit a moving object. Under a very emergency situation, a person who is not very calm is even less useful. Besides, how many throwing knives do you carry to throw commonly? I don't believe you can pick it up leisurely after a fierce fighting.

Disadvantages: The threshold is too high, it is not easy to practice, you have to carry several pieces.

8. Stun Gun

This weapon can be found on amazon.com, it is very practical, and its appearance is diverse. Some can be stored in the phone case. The use requirements are not high too, and it can be used without the fundamentals of martial arts. You only need to press the switch and put it on the skin of the gangster, and it will not cause death. But don’t use this weapon for a lot of enemies, you may accidentally hit one to the ground, but the rest will not wait for shock silly. The knife and stick will greet you, you just have to escape.

Disadvantages: need stick it on the skin of the gangster, and last a few more seconds, if the gangster uses a knife, it’s useless

9. Pepper Spray

It sounds like a Female Use Only Self Defense Tool. When somebody is sprayed, he will be

incapable for a long time. The tears and snot also run ceaselessly, and cough to half-dead, even breathing is difficult. However, the effect is slower after spraying, but it can take a few seconds. The sprayer is more suitable for escape, spraying backwards while running, I believe few dare to chase you through the spray.

Features: It takes a few seconds to take effect, and it will be miserable if against the wind.

10. Brass Knuckles/Knuckle Duster

The power of brass knuckles real is still great, especially in the hands of people with good physical fitness, it is not exaggerated to brain the enemy. But now it seems to be quite strictly restricted, and it is suitable for close combat, certainly stronger than fists, but weaker compared with daggers.

Usage: Out of the blue, hit the face of the gangster.

11. Kubotan

A short metal stick, similar to a Brass Knuckles Self Defense Real, can usually be hung on a keychain for portability. But the disadvantage is also weaker than the dagger.

Usage: Same to Real Brass Knuckles

12. Other long weapons

Qi Mei stick, Guan knife, Japanese knife, Tang knife, spear (not firearm) will not be mentioned, whichever one you take out will be treated as a street performer,

About the types of Self Defense Weapons, generally they are above, of course, not complete. For masters, everything is a weapon, even a leaf can kill people. These kinds of weapons are not listed anymore, after all, few people can use them.

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