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12 Tactical Self Defense Pens for Men and Women

Everyone needs an item for self defense. No place is safe and secure enough. You must have seen in the news how criminal activities are increasing with time. The increasing number of cases of rape, robbery, violation, kidnapping, etc. has made it essential for everyone to be equipped with secret self defense weapons, so when an attacker tries to assault, you can surprise by striking back. A tactical pen can be your best pick to do that.

Choosing the right tactical pen is not an easy task. You need to consider many factors to make sure that it works in dangerous situations. Buying a tactical pen for self defense for the first time can be quite a task. However, the list below will help you in selecting the best tactical pen:

1.    Lorje Tactical Pen

This tactical pen by Lorje has an excellent grip and durability. The upper part has a crosshatched design, which makes it less likely to slip when you have sweaty hands. The design of the pen allows for a comfortable and confident strike when defending yourself.

This tactical pen for self defense is manufactured with aluminum, making it the best glass breaker. Lorje’s tactical pen is heavy and a bit bigger, but not enough to make writing uncomfortable.

2.    Outgear Tactical Pen

This tactical pen is excellent for you if you write a lot, as it comes with three extra refills. The pocket clip is extraordinarily durable, and a crosshatched grip makes this pen comfortable to hold. You can use the non-writing end of this self defense pen to break glass, and the pointed tip can work well for poking your attacker on a pressure point to divert their attention.

3.     SWAT Tactical Pen by The Atomic Bear

You may feel uncomfortable when holding the pen in reverse, but not when you have the SWAT tactical pen from The Atomic Bear. The design is ergonomic and tailored for self defense and slip-free writing. The tip is made of tungsten carbide, which is durable and ideal for breaking glass. The cap has a protruding tip so you can have a better grip. This self defense pen also comes with a belt pouch, which helps you carry it easily.

4.    Practical Tactical Pen by Pocket Partners

The market is full of secret self defense weapons, but this tactical pen stands out.  The design is simple and discreet, making it less prominent. This blending quality makes it easy to carry without unwanted attention.

The sleek design and a great tip make this tactical pen useful for taking down your attacker. There are many color variations available with extra ink refills.

5.    Valtev Tactical Pen

The best part about this tactical pen is that you can pass through airport security without any problem with it. This tactical pen is excellent as a self defense weapon. Its non-lethal tip is enough to disarm your attacker. However, you need to get some training to do that effectively.

6.    UZI Tactical Pen

This Tactical pen is for police and military use, so you can already estimate its durability and toughness. It has a crosshatched design with a tight pocket clip. You can comfortably write with this pen due to its lightweight design. This tactical pen for self defense has a stylish body with a gun-metal finish. This pen is pretty ordinary for writing, and when you are in an emergency, you can take advantage of its non-lethal tip and glass breaking capabilities.

7.     Multi-Functional Tactical Pen by Sahara Sailor

If you are looking for a tactical pen with multiple features, this self defense pen by Sahara Sailor is perfect for you. It has a stylus tip so you can use it with touch screens. Moreover, you can use it for opening bottles, breaking glasses, hex wrenching, and as a screwdriver.

Furthermore, it has a flashlight you can easily use, which makes this self defense pen ideal for emergencies. This pen is heavier than other tactical pens, but you can ignore that minor flaw because of other remarkable features.

8.    Tactical Survival Pen by Anikuv

This tactical pen for self defense is similar to Sahara Sailor multipurpose tactical pen. The features of this make it a better option than other self defense weapons at the same price. It has a glass breaking tip, an LED flashlight, a serrated edge, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener.

9.    Boker Plus Tactical Pen

This self defense pen has a sturdy body but it is still lightweight. The body is perfect for both self defense and writing purposes. This pen does not have a pointy end like other tactical pens. The only thing that might irritate you about this pen is its selective refilling. You can only fill this pen with a specific ink.

10.  Milcraft Tactical Pen

This tactical pen made by Milcraft has multiple features that make superior to the other self defense weapons. The features include a glass breaking tip, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a scriber, a serrated edge, etc. The body of this tactical pen is made of aluminum and textured so you can grip comfortably. You need to hold it with remarkable strength while defending yourself for the desired outcome.

11.  Stinger Tactical Pen by Hoffman Richter

This stinger tactical pen for self defense has an aluminum body coated with titanium. It has the capability of denting even the hardest of surfaces. This makes this self defense pen ideal for breaking glass in an emergency.

12.  Off-Grid Tactical Pen

This tactical pen for self defense is best for men. According to the manufacturer, this pen is like a tank with a sturdy design. The grip is an ergonomic anti-slip grip. The cap can easily fit on both ends. The non-writing end is made up of tungsten alloy and can break glass. This is a reliable self defense pen. When you strike the end with the cap on the pressure point, it can inflict enough pain to disarm your attacker.


Tactical pen for self defense functions just like a traditional pen but has additional features to help you in personal defense against an unexpected attack. These self defense weapons are specially designed to inflict sudden pain to divert the attention of the attacker so you can escape safely without much effort.
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