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3 Legal Self Defense Weapons In Our Daily Life

In our daily lives, we can legally hold these 3 powerful Non-Lethal Weapons For Self Defense!

In United States, it is very easy for citizens to apply for a gun license. They can hold guns in their hands to protect their lives and property. But in China, ordinary citizens holding guns violate the criminal law! So what Self Defense Weapons can we legally possess and use?

1.Stun Baton

The Stun baton contains a high-voltage generator, which can make the battery inside to produce an electric shock capacity of more than 40,000 volts. The person who is hit will feel numb and accompanied by a strong sense of debility. He will be incapacitated within 5 minutes. If you don't want to fight criminals, you can also use the strong light of stun baton to illuminate his eyes to temporarily blind him, so that you will have enough time to escape. If it is a burglary, you can also trigger the alarm function on baton. The alarm can produce sounds up to 120 decibels! It was enough to shock the neighbors and frighten the invader.

According to relevant laws and regulations, citizens can legally hold stun batons, but if it is used for crime, it is another matter.

2.Pepper Spray

The Pepper Spray contains a large amount of capsicum extract and mustard and other strong stimulator substance, and its range is generally up to 3 meters. The criminal who was shot on his face will be in severe cough and tears never stop, and he will be incapacitated within 30 minutes.

It is legal for citizens to have pepper spray, and it is also legal to use pepper spray to stop criminal violating, and the senses of the people shot by pepper spray can recover in around 1 hour, so you don’t need worry about being sued because of permanent physical injury. But using it as a criminal tool is another matter.

3.Brass Knuckles

The Brass Knuckles is a weapon commonly used by martial artists. The method is to use fingers to pass through the four holes and hold it. Even if a man of common strength holds it in hands, his Combat Effectiveness will surge. The Brass Knuckles is not a prohibited Self Defense Weapon, and citizens can legally own it for Self Defense.

Well, this issues about Self Defense Weapons are end here. If you like this article, please continue to pay attention to Cakra EDC Gadgets.

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