9 Effective Weapons Women Can Use for Self Defense

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When you are looking for the best self defense weapons of all, always consider the weapon that’s comfortable to carry. If you are a woman and looking for self defense weapons for women, pick a tool that fits in your bag or purse.

Kidnapping, assaults, rapes, and murders are widespread these days, and crime rate is elevating each day. So, women have to either stay at home and sacrifice their dreams or go out and fight for themselves. For that, they need to learn self defense.

Self defense is to protect yourself against anything that harms you. Mostly the harm is in the form of a person who is trying to rob or take advantage of you. To stay safe, you can take self defense classes or purchase a self defense weapon. There are many options on the market that you can choose from, but you need to consider the following factors:

  • The effectiveness of the self defense weapon
  • Basic functionality of the weapon
  • The weapon should be comfortable enough so that you can hold and use it easily
  • It can be concealed so that attackers are unaware of your move

By having the best self defense weapon, you can defend yourself from unexpected attackers. Here are some popular self defense weapons that you can choose from for your safety:

1.     Stun Gun

At the top of the list of self defense weapons for women is the stun gun. This self defense weapon is smart, and can help defend against the attacker remarkably. These are non-lethal weapons and specially designed for women.

If you want to be modernized about your defense gadget, a stun gun is a new option for your protection. This device is small, and you can fit this weapon in your bag or purse. It means that you can easily carry it around. Even though the size is tremendously small, these weapons for women are more effective than many other options.

2.     Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is also an effective self defense weapon. You can spray from several feet away from the attacker. These sprays are available in a huge variety of types and sizes. You can purchase pepper spray in the form of a spray or gel. You can also purchase a pepper gun that has a higher range and pressure.

Carrying pepper spray is legal in all the 50 states in the U.S. With pepper spray, you can cause temporary blindness for an hour, completely disabling the attacker.

3.    Keychain Weapon

These keychains contain sharp prongs and loops for the hand grip. Self defense keychain fits over your knuckles with a firm grasp, and you can easily strike to inflict severe pain. Once you jab the right spot with the wicked prongs, the attacker will think twice before coming back at you. The two prongs are made of a material that causes only a superficial wound. This weapon is non-lethal and creates non-invasive pain. Sometimes, these self defense weapons don't even break the skin but cause enough pain that you can escape from that attacker.

4.     Hidden Blade Knives

These self defense weapons are not lethal and cannot cause permanent injury because of the small blades. These are also the perfect type of self defense weapons for women. These blades are helpful enough to help you escape from the attack.

5.     Cat Self Defense Keychain

Your keychain can also work as a survival weapon for you. These are the ideal and most effective self defense weapons for women and protection against attackers.

Cat self defense keychain is the smartest weapon on this list. The shape of the keychain is just like an ordinary keychain. But when you punch with the pointed ears of the cat, this can inflict enough pain to drop your attacker on the ground.

6.     Lipstick Stun Gun

Stun guns come in many disguisable forms and are perfect self defense weapons for women. They are a popular choice of self defense and available in a variety of designs. The best possible option for women would likely be a lipstick stun gun. These self defense weapons look exactly like a lipstick from the outside.

You can also scare the attacker as it produces a loud noise when you turn it on. But if the attacker doesn't run away, you can shock your assailant with the prongs of the stun gun.

7.     Self Defense Ring

Self defense ring is another one of the most remarkable self defense weapons for women. Imagine how hard your punch will affect the attacker when you have this ring on one of the fingers. But before you choose this ring for self defense, you need to know how to punch better. If you hit the attacker without a proper punching grip, you can hurt your hand instead. However, if you know how to punch, this is the ideal weapon for you. This self defense ring comes in amazing designs, making it easily disguisable and a surprise for the attacker.  

8.     Portable Horn

With the help of these small and compressed air horns, you can release overpowering noise. This portable self defense weapon or alarm is manufactured to generate extreme noise, confusing the attacker and alarming others that you are in some kind of danger. Most criminals will be frightened with such loud noise as people will be attracted to the sound. You can scare the attacker with this portable horn before they can even hurt you.

9.     Self Defense Spike Shoes

These spike shoes are made up of plastic and have pointy spikes that stick upward. By lacing these self defense weapons to your shoes, you can defend yourself easily in danger. You can kick away the trouble when someone attacks you. When you are equipped with self defense spikes, a kick to the attacker's groin is enough to stop them cold.


If the world were perfect, no one would have to defend themselves. But in reality, you have to be aware of the surroundings and stay prepared. For that, you need self defense weapons that are inconspicuous. However, they should be strong enough to help you defend yourself and buy some time to escape when someone attacks you.


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