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A Brief Introduction to EDC Gear(Everyday Carry Gear)

EDC is an unfamiliar term for most people, and about eight out of ten people don't understand it. The full name of EDC is   Everyday Carry, and the initials mean daily carry. It probably means the things you carry when you go out every day, such as mobile phones, watches, bags, lighters, etc. EDC refers to a multi-purpose or special tool for daily use or dealing with emergencies. EDC players are relatively little in China. In small cities like the author living, few people know about it. I have been playing EDC for at least three years, which has received a lot of criticism. Most people think that my paranoia is so deep to take these things out of the house. Some people regard me as a thug (the author is a knife complex) and I have faced expulsion several times. But none of these can reduce my love for EDC, presumably most players have encountered this situation. EDC really has an inexplicable charm that makes me addicted to it. Why should I play EDC? To be honest, I can't tell myself, but it's a pleasant feeling. Back to the topic, I wrote this article to let people who don’t know EDC understand what EDC is. I don’t want you to pay attention to EDC, but to change your views on EDC players around you.

EDC Brass Knuckles - Cakra EDC Gadgets

EDC has different content for different people. For example, for a digital enthusiast, his EDC may be mobile phones, tablets, earphones, music players, etc.; if it is an outdoor sports enthusiast, his EDC may include gloves, whistles, Lighter, magnesium rod, multi-tool pliers, hunting knife, etc. Let's introduce the EDC classification in detail below:

EDC is mainly divided into urban EDC and outdoor EDC.

Urban EDC mainly includes general use EDC, rescue EDC and functional EDC.

Outdoor EDC mainly includes camping EDC, survival EDC and hunting EDC.

EDC Hunting Knife - Cakra EDC Gadgets

1. Urban EDC

<1> Urban General Use EDC

  1. Mobile phones, mobile phones are essentials for living and working in the city.
  2. Watch, a watch can let you know the time better.
  3. Folding Knife, folding knife is a good tool for both opening express box and self defense.
  4. Multi-Function Pliers, there are many unexpected troubles in city life. A multi-function pliers can help you much.
  5. Flashlight, the flashlight is very helpful for office workers walking at night and also has a certain defensive function.
  6. Real Brass Knuckles, when encountering danger and worried about being unable to control the injury degree, dare not use a knife, real brass knuckles can solve your concerns.
  7. Kubotan Self Defense, relatively unpopular EDC equipment, but it is not inferior to others in playability and personal defense.
  8. Fidget Spinner, an emerging EDC toy also has Self Defense Function, but mainly for playing.
  9. Tactical pen, since you need to use a pen, why not use a tactical one.
  10. Notebook, it is necessary to carry a notebook if you already have a pen, it is also convenient to writing some things.

EDC Flashlight - Cakra EDC Gadgets

EDC Fidget Spinner - Cakra EDC Gadgets

<2> Urban Rescue EDC Gear

  1. Band-aid, who hasn't bumped or scratched yet?
  2. Alcohol Swabs, should it be disinfected if injured?
  3. Bandage is necessary to stop bleeding.
  4. Tape, believe me you will use it someday.
  5. Scissors, cut some obstacles.

EDC Push Dagger - Cakra EDC Gadgets

<3> Urban Functional EDC

  1. Expandable Self Defense Baton, the mechanical self defense stick saves space and is convenient for self defense.
  2. Sling Blade, fast and fierce, start-up speed is obviously faster than folding knives.
  3. Push Dagger, spiked brass knuckles is not powerful enough, sling blade is too fierce, so let push dagger take a try.
  4. Tactical Flashlight, seeing in darkness is better than anything.
  5. Pepper Spray, the killer in emergencies.

EDC Kubotan - Cakra EDC Gadgets

2. Outdoor EDC Gear

<1> Outdoor Camping EDC

  1. All-in-one gas stove, you have to eat during camping
  2. Folding Multifunction-Pot, you can only eat barbecue without a pot.
  3. Flashlight, the wild will be as black as pitch at night.
  4. Hunting Knife, cut meat and vegetables, and prevent unknown dangers.

<2> Outdoor Survival EDC

  1. Hunting Knife, it’s nothing to worry to have a knife for survival in the wild.
  2. Compass, it's not good if you get lost.
  3. Whistle, let your voice spread farther.
  4. Magnesium Rods, wet outdoor environments, magnesium rods are more secure than lighters.

EDC Composite Bow- Cakra EDC Gadgets

<3> Outdoor Hunting EDC

  1. Composite Bow
  2. Different kinds of Arrows, different arrows have different effects, bow enthusiast understand.
  3. Dagger is convenient for taking arrows out and dissecting prey

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