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A Chinese Unique Self Defense Whip – Nine Section Whip

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Nine Section Whip is a Chinese Unique Weapon, a kind of soft whip. The nine-section whip is a violent Hidden Weapon on the battlefield and is not easy to deal with. Manchus and Northerners in the early Qing Dynasty especially preferred this weapon

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The Nine Section Whip has nine sections, which are connected with loops. Moreover seven-section whip and thirteen-section whip are available, which is selected according to personal height and occasion of use. The nine-section whip is a very practical soft weapon. It is soft, hard, flexible, easy to storage, and can be used as a weapon for Self Defense or attack. When the Qing Dynasty entered the china, the Manchu Warriors swept the Central Plains with nine-section whip, because the Self Defense Whip was originally a weapon popular among nomads.

nine section whip-cakra edc gadgets

At present, the nine-section whip can be divided into three types: performance whip, kung fu whip and practice whip. The performance whip is very light, which is convenient for dancing and increasing speed during performance. Kung Fu whip is the heaviest whip, is the whip used in actual combat. Practice whip is the middle style of the first two, you can perform or fight with it. In addition, the [four-door] school's nine-section whip has a dagger hidden in the whip head, which can usually be stored in the grip. When attacking, the dagger is taken out and fixed. The lethality is quite great.

nine section whip-cakra edc gadgets

Generally, the nine-section whip is made of stainless steel. It can break kitchen knife easily, and much less the bones of a person. It is a great Weapon For Self Defense and attack. It can be stored in the waist when going out. Two heads are put in your side pocket. The whip is wrapped around the waist and pressed tightly with a belt, covering the clothes, which cannot be seen by outsiders. It can also be shrunk into a trouser pocket

nine section whip-cakra edc gadgets


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