Provide security feeling at all times — A Preliminary Analysis of types and features of EDC Self Defense Kit - Cakra EDC Gadgets

Provide security feeling at all times — A Preliminary Analysis of types and features of EDC Self Defense Kit

For Self Defensesomething is better than nothing, the more effective your Self Defense Gear is, the safer you are in danger. Here I list some common Self Defense Tools For Women on the market, meanwhile let’s talk about the advantages and limitations of these tools.

Real Brass Knuckles: I have seen many Self Defense Brass Knuckles before. I think the greatest advantage of a Brass Knuckles is it is very easy to carry. If you have and experience of close combat, you will know this Self Defense Weapon can effectively improve your combat power. However, if you have not received professional training, it is still not recommended to use the Brass Knuckles Real as a self defense weapon, due to it is only for close combat use. The attribute of this weapon is attack more than defense.

Pepper Spray: There are many advantages of pepper spray. In addition to its portable attribute, it can quickly make invader incapable and can create the most favorable conditions for you to escape from danger. However, Pepper Spray also has its own limitations. Because it is not suitable for use in no air circulation space, the air mixed with pepper spray will also hurt yourself, so it is more recommended to buy the jet-flow type. Firstly because its windproof performance is better, and secondly, it will not spread over a large area like a spray type. Besides, the jet-flow type has a longer range, so you can keep away a greater safety distance from the gangster.

Kubotan/Tactical Pen: Kubotan is also known as numchucks, key sticks. We can treat it as a metal stick with a length of 12-16 cm and a diameter of 10-16 mm. The attack of the kubotan is mainly poking or smashing the human body’s ganglion, soft tissues, joints, and other fragile locations, causing severe pain or incapacity of the attacked location, so as to make the invader lose attack ability. Or you can squeeze and rotate the kubotan on the hands of invader, which also has a good effect. To be honest, this gear is very portable and harmonious. But this weapon has certain requirements for its operator, because the kubotan is very short, you may need to be close to the invader during self-defense. Without professional training, it is not recommended to use kubotan as the main Self Defense Weapon For Women.

Tactical Flashlight: At present, most standard tactical flashlights have a circle of attack heads, so From a certain point of view, you can regard it as a kubotan. In darkness, the lighting function and flash function of the tactical flashlight can blind gangsters for a short time, which is very suitable to be as an auxiliary Self Defense Weapons For Men.

Baton Self Defense Collapsible: The Retractable Baton is also known as the Telescopic Sticks (Extendable Baton without a police sign is not a prohibited product). Simply speaking, it is a three-section retractable metal tube. When in the storage state, the three-section metal tube can shrink together. When combat, the three-section metal tube can be thrown away to unlock. The stick is a Self Defense Weapon I carry everyday. Self Defense Stick was popular all over the country through the movie " Sha po lang " earlier. Its rising to fame is because of not only very cool when throwing sticks, but also very easy to carry and use. The length of extending can help you keep a distance from the gangsters, meanwhile it has a strong deterrent force. If you can scare gangsters away just through showing the Expandable Baton, it will be the best result.

Still the same words, I really don’t wish you to take advantage of this knowledge. I hope you will never be in danger, and hope world peace forever.

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