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A Review of AK-49 Multi-function Brass Knuckles

Once you step into the Everyday Carry circle, you will find that people call themselves "play" gear instead of “use” gear. According to the appellation, you can see that current gear has a very good playability partly, and the playability is actually already a common function for current Every Day Carry Gear. In addition to playing, I often deliberately choose some EDC gear with security attributes. Today let’s talk about such a model combining playability with multi security functions. This tool is AK-49 multi-function Brass Knuckles from Cakra EDC Gadgets.

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This brass knuckles should be classified into Keychain Tool according to the rigorous definition. The key is the most basic gear in daily life. Whether you like it or not, we always have to carry it with you, and as a keychain tool, it can make the key portable in the true sense. Since it can be as a Keychain Tool, its volume can not be too large. This Brass Knuckles has a total length of 70 mm and a width of 47 mm. In order to provide higher strength, it has a thickness of 3.5 mm.

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The AK-49 is built under the concept of Advanced EDC gear, which can be reflected from the material. The structure material of this Brass Knuckles is Titanium alloy. At present, most of the main materials for advanced gear on the market is titanium alloy. Compared with the common steel and aluminum alloy materials on the market, titanium alloy is a lightweight metal alloy. At the same time, it can provide the best anti-corrosion performance. Although its density is greater than that of aluminum, it is still considered to be a lightweight metal material, and compared with aluminum alloys and steel, titanium alloys have higher strength and are also more expensive.

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In addition to the structural materials of titanium alloys, the material of handle is also very advanced. In order to provide a better grip feel, the Cakra EDC Gadgets adds a carbon fiber handle to AK-49. Carbon fiber refers to a carbon fiber laminate. We can see it in many advanced knives. It is a material formed by processing resin with lamination technology. As a kind of advanced material, both carbon fiber and titanium alloy have the advantages of light weight and high strength, as well as the strong plasticity and high flexibility of carbon fiber, are often used in the selection of handle materials for advanced Everyday Carry Gear.

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Actually the main joy of playing EDC gear is originate in its design. In fact, the design of this Brass Knuckles is very smart. Although it is very small, in terms of practicality, it is multi-functional for different application.

First of all, let ’s take a look at its structure. At the beginning of the article, I emphasized that this AK-49 Brass Knuckles should be classified into a keychain tool. The Brass Knuckles has a buckle, open the buckle, we can connect the Brass Knuckles to the keychain. Of course, this buckle can also be connected to other positions such as belt buckles.

Just mentioned that this Brass Knuckles can provide multi-function for different application. As for me, this Brass Knuckles is very fit for the safety function requirements in the car. The lower side of this Brass Knuckles has a rope cutter. This rope cutter is a very important safety tool for driver. With this rope cutter, you can quickly cut off the seatbelt to save escape time when emergency. The blade of this rope cutter is very sharp, and its gap is very narrow, so as not to hurt your fingers when carrying or using.

A tungsten window breaker head is at the head of the Brass Knuckles. When it is used as a Brass Knuckles, this head can enhance your lethality. And in the car, this window breaker can also help us escape from danger quickly.

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The hole of AK-49 is very large, and all the edges of this brass knuckles are very smooth, so the grip feel is very comfortable. The carbon fiber handle can support your finger and offer more comfortable feel.

At first, I brought the Brass Knuckles gear to my notice in EDC forum. I saw that many players would add the Brass Knuckles to their wish list. For them, the playability of Brass Knuckles is more important than its actual function. After all, we may not use it for self defense purpose for a long time, and I see this Brass Knuckles integrating rope cutter and window breaker, which is very practical for vehicle use. This design makes the Brass Knuckles not only can be used as a Self Defense Weapon but also can be used for survival purpose, which is also one of the reasons why I bought this tool.

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Since this tool is about survival, I also did a cutting seatbelt and breaking window test for AK-49. The first test is cutting seatbelt. The sharp blade can easily cut off the seatbelt. Under emergency situation, its high efficiency can help us get out of danger quickly.

Then we do a test of breaking the window. The tungsten head can easily break the window. This design can also prevent us from being trapped in danger and earn more precious time and space for escape.

This Brass Knuckles is made of carbon fiber and titanium alloy, which is relatively advanced material, and it is very small and exquisite. I prefer using this tool as a toy. The rope cutter and window breaker can also delivery me from the danger. Of course, I never want to use this function. Shortly speaking, this everyday carry tool is really fun and safe.

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