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A Summarize Of EDC Knuckles

Personally, I haven’t been playing instagram for long, but I especially have a soft spot for the Real Brass Knuckles or EDC Knuckles, which stems from my fascination with metal toys. Occasionally I will check some information, or discuss and exchange with EDC players who have the same hobby. In fact, in the current harmonious society, only some harmonious EDC toys can be treated as real Urban EDC, and the popularity of self defense ring is higher than the old real brass knuckles. My personal preference is its concealment. The old brass knuckles, with five holes, is actually not harmonious, and can be recognized by others at a glance. But some small ones that can be held in the palm of the hand for one or two fingers, which have multiple functions, such as bottle opener and crowbar, are more concealed and more suitable for EDC.

Perhaps there are many people who think these toys are just mental masturbation, and can't play any role in actual combat, and will hurt their hands. Actually, correct use and power are the key factors leading to the final result. Since it is popular, there must be a reason for it. When it matters, it's better than bare-handed.

The materials of foreign edc knuckle are all-encompassing. Dividing according to the material, the high-end ones include Titanium Damascus material (MOKUTI and TIMASCUS), beehive copper material, or Copper Damascus, which are all popular materials abroad in recent years. Features: A variety of materials are superimposed and forged. After heating and quenching, different patterns or colors will be formed. Secondly, Zirconium zirconium metal is heavier than titanium, lighter than brass and bronze. It is characterized by gray-black or pure black after baking. It is referred to as ZIRC. Many foreign craftsmen will make some zirconium metal EDC toys more or less. Of course they are much more expensive than titanium ones. Then, there are titanium and brass, followed by non-metals, such as G10 or Micarta.

According to my personal understanding, currently standing at the top of the EDC knuckles category is the foreign Andy Frankart SFK/DFK knuckles, referred to as AFK or afrankart, throwing away the reasons for the hype, its workmanship, edge chamfering, reasonable and comfortable design, and the use of rare materials, it is undoubtedly the most excellent representative. Artisan sold them in the form of lottery draws, and the final deal prices are shocking. The highest-end rare TIMASCUS version will also be auctioned very high. Its price is often higher than the price of a high-end handmade folding knife. "

A Summarize Of EDC Knuckles

Andy Frankart

Burnley's cypop can be regarded as followed brand of edc knuckle. Artisans have long stopped taking orders and regularly auction or draw prizes through Facebook. Its feature is thin, easy to carry, has a bottle opener function, and chamfer is very smooth. The materials often used are titanium, copper, or zirconium. The surface is treated with orange peel or tree grain, and there are also mirror polished versions.

A Summarize Of EDC Knuckles

Burnley Cypop

VOX knives, a Danish craftsman, fellow of ANSO. His knives are not particularly well-known, but his edc knuckles, bottle openers are well-known. The well-known snails and penguins are all his masterpieces. Creativity is his greatest strength, and the chamfering is slightly worse. However, the popularity is not lower than the top two.

A Summarize Of EDC Knuckles

VOX Knives

In recent years, Koch Tool is also a compared popular craftsman. They mainly craft brass knuckle bottle openers, and start to make some fixed blade knives, crowbars or quick hangers. The characteristic is its creativity is not bad, double 8 or single 8 profile, feel is good, but the workmanship is relatively rough. But the price can be afforded by most foreign fans, so it can be seen in many foreign photos.

A Summarize Of EDC Knuckles

Koch Tool

Vosofferyn is a new brand participating in 2016 Knife Fair. Features: Water jet cutting, laser printing, it is impossible to do that without good equipments. It also has the function of bottle opener, the chamfer is clean and smooth enough. Cigars can also be placed. The material is titanium. The workmanship is very meticulous.

A Summarize Of EDC Knuckles


NickNuk, born in Missouri, USA. Loop-like self defense knuckles is illegal in many states, so NickNuk edc knuckles was born. This kind of knuckles is more concealed and more comfortable, but the output is relatively small. The material is mostly titanium, copper, or pig iron. It feels comfortable and creative, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy and inconvenient to carry.

JKD GEAR is also a new foreign brand. The drunk dragon EDC Knuckle which also has the function of a bottle opener. Personally I think it is very good-looking, the workmanship is not bad, feel is also good, the disadvantage is its models are relatively single.

John Gray was copied by domestic players in the early days. The style is somewhat ordinary, with relatively few changes. Recently, the craftsman has concentrated on making knives, but he doesn’t seem to innovate anymore in edc knuckles. The limelight has been overshadowed by several new brands. "

Cosmonewt2 seems to be sold online, and artisans only make a small amount. The feature is the meniscus-shaped fluorescent material filler, the chunky feel, the round moon shape. And the workmanship is also very good, but the purchase channel is a problem. The material is mostly brass, and titanium is rare.

Alterrain, octopus or squid is both fine. The characteristic is relatively fancy, especially good creativity. But there seems to be something lacking in polishing. Surface treatment is often sandblasted and painted. It also functions as a bottle opener.

The heart-shape EDC Knuckle of lworn is hollowed out and polished in titanium alloy. And the craftsman burns the pattern randomly. Although it is said to be a EDC Knuckle, it is more like a ring. I'm sure there is no bottle-opener function, but the size is very suitable for carrying, and the polishing is also good.

Ti2 EDC Knuckle Style quick hang, in fact, can also be placed in this post. It has very comfortable feel, more suitable for people with large palms. The chamfers of the quick-hanging are also polished well, with some laser pattern. It has the functions of quick-hanging and bottle opener. The disadvantage is its size is compared large.

I hope everyone likes my post. It’s still the old saying, I wish domestic craftsmen have more and better original works to benefit our domestic EDC players, instead of blindly copying. Or it will just make foreigners look down on our domestic EDC level. There is still a long way to originality, but there will definitely be Chinese-style EDC original toys. I look forward to this very much.

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