Benefits, Uses, and More: What Makes Brass Knuckles Self Defense Real - Cakra EDC Gadgets

Benefits, Uses, and More: What Makes Brass Knuckles Self Defense Real

Brass Knuckles Real - Cakra EDC Gadgets

Self-defense helps prepare yourself for any unexpected circumstances, which may result in you getting hurt. Knowing how to defend yourself with your bare hands is difficult and takes years of practice; however, with the right weapon, you won't need to go through all that training.

Brass knuckles have proven to be one of the most efficient self defense tools over the years. However, this powerful weapon has more uses other than self-defense.

Continue reading this article, as we'll be going through the uses and benefits of carrying brass knuckles with you.

Self Defense

There are many reasons for picking brass knuckles as a go-to self-defense weapon. Here are some of those reasons:

Simple to use: You won't need any training to learn how to use the weapon. Basic punch techniques using this will do more damage than you can imagine, and you won't hurt yourself in the process.

Easy to carry around: The weapon is small and is light in weight which makes it easy to carry around with you at all times.

Many varieties: You have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to design, color, and models. You can find something that you'll like and not only use it to hit hard but even look good while doing it.

Non-Lethal: If you don't want to end up taking someone's life, you should definitely consider getting this weapon and learn the basics of using it. Yes, if used incorrectly, it might be fatal. For instance, a blow to the head might result in permanent brain damage or even worse. Used correctly by aiming at the softer portions of the body will make you attacker immobile and allow you to flee from the situation.

Legal: When it comes to self-defense weapons, you need to check if it is legal for you to carry one or not. Brass knuckles are legal in many states and thus are popular self-defense weapons.

Breaking Ice

Not the most popular use of knuckle dusters but still one to mention here. If you ever struggle to break ice taken straight out of the refrigerator, this product is powerful and can help in breaking ice effectively. Saving you time and getting your task complete within a short period.


Brass knuckles are an item adopted to express some fashion sense. Since there are multiple designs, you can find one that fits your fashionable preference. They have a luxurious look, which results in giving the wearer a unique and confident look. They tend to look appealing with almost all outfits.

Brass knuckles can be screwed in to make the buckles of belts, and they also feature in some unique looking boots. Other than this, people tend to wear the accessory on their necklaces too. All these examples showcase the fashionable touch the product has.

Glass breaking

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you're locked up, and the only way out is through a window, you're going to need something to break it. It would be smart if you were carrying something to get the job done rather than relying on the fact that you'll find something in that situation.

Brass knuckles are powerful and thus can help in breaking glass, making this weapon not only useful for self-defense but even works perfectly as a survival tool.

Bottle opener

When it comes to opening a bottle or even a package, these knuckles are the perfect tool for the job. Brass knuckles come along with bottle opener capabilities, which help in opening bottles whenever you need to. Other than this, you can simply punch open a package if it doesn't contain anything breakable.


A popular use of the knuckles is as paperweights. Since the material used to build them is metal, they are heavy, which makes them good to use as paperweights. If you're handling paperwork in a condition that results in them flying around, making it difficult to handle, a knuckle duster will surely come in handy on such occasions. Not only do they help in keeping paper in one place but also look good due to their stylish designs.

Punching practice

Trying to make your punches more effective and knuckles more durable in the process, a knuckle duster is the best helper in these situations. They help in keeping your hand steady, and no matter how hard you hit your fists won't get damaged. Instead, you'll start seeing a drastic change in the power and speed of your punches.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons for you to go ahead and buy yourself this product. The reason for buying them could be any of the above-mentioned points. Whatever reason suits you, don't hold back and get yourself something according to your preference.

The bottom line is the product is a must-have if ' 'you're worried about your safety. You might feel uncomfortable walking alone from work back home; however, carrying this weapon in your pocket might make you feel much more comfortable.

Not only are they good for self-defense but are a great product to have as they have more benefits and uses of having them.

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