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Brass Knuckles - A Great Power Weapon

This weapon must be worn on the fingers, so it looks like rings in a certain degree, especially for single finger knuckle duster. But it is actually made of metal, such as brass or stainless steel, so when the user wears it on his hand to attack, it is very powerful. This weapon is called "Brass Knuckles", so from its name it can be known that it has great power.

brass knuckles self defense real - cakra edc gadgets

The main structure of the Real Brass Knuckle Paperweights is that there are four loops connected together. There is a semi-circular iron hoop behind the loop for supporting palm, and the four loops are worn on the fingers except the thumb. So as long as you wear the knuckle duster, your hand will be like a fist. When you punch, it will inevitably cause greater lethality comparing with bare hand, because of solid Brass Knuckles Self Defense.

Brass Knuckles Self Defense- Cakra EDC Gadgets

Brass Knuckles are very well-known in China, but the origin of brass knuckles is difficult to find. Obviously this weapon mainly used in boxing has been widely circulated in ancient times. For those warrior countries, boxing is undoubtedly a mainstream fighting technique. So the weapon with a simple structure, like Real Brass Knuckle, but is very handy, will undoubtedly be very popular.

 Brass Knuckles Real - Cakra EDC Gadgets

However, in ancient China, although the brass knuckles were also very popular, it was used as a concealed weapon or Self Defense Tool all the time. It shows that the brass knuckles do not have the direct lethality like the sword and knife, but it is still regarded as a cautious item. Unlike most of the ancient cold weapons, even today, the brass knuckles have not been eliminated and have become a police equipment.

Self Defense Brass Knuckles - Cakra EDC Gadgets

As a weapon, the brass knuckles are obviously not used to exchange martial arts skills, because it has a significant lethality. When using this weapon to attack, it will inevitably cause serious injuries. This makes the brass knuckles not only be treated as a concealed weapon in ancient time, but also be restricted strictly nowadays. So this seemingly small weapon has also become an essential weapon in some gang fights.

 Brass Knuckles Real

Moreover, the potential of brass knuckles is obviously not only as simple as increasing the lethality. If you use it as a Hidden Weapon, you can add some sharp spikes on its front end, it will be changed into Spiked Brass Knuckles. This is not limited to the settings in the game, but in reality. Only the appearance of brass knuckles will change much, and can’t be recognized as a knuckle duster. Obviously this weapon with puncture function is more powerful and lethal, comparing with the common brass knuckles, which makes it more suitable to be used as a hidden weapon. Its function is similar to the ancient three-pointed nails. It can be seen that the brass knuckles is not only simple and practical, but also can be transformed into different types of weapons. Compared with its decorative effect In general, the practicality of brass knuckles is obviously greater.

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