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Bring a Big Punch to Your Defense with Classic Brass Knuckles

It is a discernible truth that you cannot control the size, strength, and skillset of a would be attacker. You can simply control your own. Moreover, criminals and wrong doers rarely pick a target that looks like difficult prey. They are wolves seeking to prey on the weak, but perhaps your perceived weakness can be a deception. For the past several hundred years, more than one attacker has been surprised by the power of a defender’s punch. The source of this strength wasn’t some magical superpower or radiation experiment gone wrong. Rather, the powerful punch has come courtesy of the classic brass knuckle. Known for centuries and used on streets and battlefield alike, the brass knuckle turns the average Joe’s swing into an anvil of pain. Don’t be caught by surprise when some evildoer comes your way. Swing back with a historical fist of fine metal and walk away the winner in the fight against good and evil.

The Classic Brass Knuckles

Since ancient times, metal rings and knuckle style weapons have been used to enhance the human punch. With the strength of the metal striking the target in a more concentrated area, it creates more tissue damage and impact on the location. In the American Civil War, soldiers would buy cast iron or brass knuckles to take into battle with them. By the first World War, the Brass Knuckles design had made its way onto the trench knife as soldiers slugged their way through the trenches of Europe.

The premise is simple and extremely practical. An object resting in your pocket that is not much bigger than the size of some key chains or cell phones is there when you need it most. You don’t notice the weight of the carry and nor do bystanders take notice. However, when confronted with a threat determined to do you harm, you can slip these on to leverage your punch for greater impact. Just ask yourself this simple question. When your life’s on the line, would you rather punch with brass knuckles or without? If you answer was obviously the latter, then there is no excuse not to carry them.

The Modern Brass Knuckle

Metallurgy and technology has come a long way since the Civil War and so has design and fashion. That’s why this blend of Thick Skull Real Brass Knuckles is the perfect blend of past and present. The premise is still the same in a powerful punch when you need it most. The metallurgy and design is something altogether new.  This is real 15mm ultra-thick brass that’s made to have a heavy impact without hurting your own fingers. However, the design is truly where the beauty rests.

Self Defense Brass Knuckles - Cakra EDC Gadgets

These brass knuckles were crafted with a CNC manufacturing machine, meaning each cut and angle is forged with computer precision. The design is a skull layout, which is ready to deliver a strike that matters. This design screams that you are ready to punish the target while allowing for much desired obscurity. A small diameter hole is drilled making this weapon ideal as an everyday carry in the form of a keychain. No one has to know until it’s time to gift violence to the person trying to do you harm. If this design is not your style, then check out the rest of our Brass Knuckle and Ring Offerings.

The Perilous Risk of a Fair Fight

Real life isn’t the school yard and it isn’t a youthful scrap after a backyard football game. When a grown man seeks to do you harm in real life, there is nothing fair about it. Your life, or the lives of those you love, is on the line with every swing. So as the military often says, “if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” The goal of combat is to overwhelm your enemy by any means necessary. These everyday carry accessories you find here are not about initiating aggression. It’s about defending what matters most.

When it’s all on the line, if you find yourself fighting fair you may very well lose it all. Brass knuckles are the perfect solution for the average Joe looking to be ready for the day that most people dread. Certain states do have some restrictions and we encourage to look up your local regulations. However, the value of brass knuckles in a big fight is beyond dispute as evidenced by centuries of combat. Now is your chance to grab a piece of history and be ready for tomorrow’s fight.
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