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Bringing Unconventional Weapons to an Everyday Fight for Life

It has been said that there are three types of people in life: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. The wolves seek to use violence to prey on the weak. Fortunately for the weak, there are those who are blessed with the gift of aggression in an overpowering need to protect the flock. The sheepdogs are not weak men and women. They are men and women with the capacity of incredible violence who have it remarkably under control. Whether you are sheep or sheepdog, you must be prepared for the day the wolf attacks. For such occasions, an unconventional weapon may very well be the difference between victory or defeat.

Unconventional Weapons for a Convention Fight

There are those who look at the use of a weaponized accessory as cheating in a conventional fight. However, there is nothing conventional about being assaulted by another human when you were not seeking conflict. To be assaulted in that manner is a criminal act and criminals must be dealt with accordingly. When you are faced with an everyday fight for life, there is no such thing as fighting fair. The military has a saying that “if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” It is true for the military and true for yourself when your life’s on the line.

That’s why unconventional weapons like the Tauren Push Dagger should be in the hands of every sheep and sheepdog alike. This is a full stainless steel and lightweight weapon crafted into a Tauren design. Within it is a fixed push dagger knife that gives the defender multiple options. If you are facing a lethal situation, then you can pull it out and gift violence back to your attacker. If the scenario calls for less than lethal means of defense, you can leave the knife inside and use it as a non-lethal self-defense weapon. The choice will be yours. If you opt not to carry, then the attacker is in control of conflict.

Push Dagger - Cakra EDC Gadgets

The Right Tool for the Job

Sometimes, there are survival situations that call for more than one or two options. Perhaps you may find yourself in a fight for life. Then again, there are other times where escape and survival are the most practical options. The 2019 Delta TC4 Titanium EDC Pocket Tool has a variety options ready to meet a host of survival scenarios. This tool can be used as a wrench, bottle opener and even as a break glass device when needed. However, if you need to stay and fight, it call also be used as a self-defense stinger.

EDC Pocket Tool

There are other tools that offer similar options. The 2019 Krypton EDC Keychain Tool offers the same functionality, but small enough to easily fit on a keychain. One of the great features about going with a smaller and lighter option is that they are very easy to conceal and can easily pass security checkpoints. Remember, the goal is not to do harm to those who do not seek it. That is the path of wolf. Your job is to be ready to gift violence to your fellow man on behalf of those who can’t. That is the job of the sheepdog.

EDC Keychain Tool

Everyday Carry for the Win

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter which tool you pick to carry everyday. Just so long as you pick the one that’s best suited to you. In fact, if you want to feel like a superhero while you protect your fellow man, we’ve even got you covered with this Titanium Alloy Brass Knuckles Self Defense. Who says self-defense can’t be a little fun? The important thing is that you are ready when it matters most to those you love. They are counting on you.

The wolves aren’t looking for a true fight. That’s why they prey on the sheep. When they realize that they have mistakenly run into a sheepdog they will typically flee and run. If they don’t, that’s OK, because you’ve got something for them. Don’t get caught in a fair fight when your life’s on the line. Stand ready to meet their violence with an extra dose of your own. So don’t forget to check out the whole host of everyday carry options we offer and be ready to jump into the fray when trouble comes your way.

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