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EDC Knuckle - Doom 2020 New Arrival Review

EDC, the English full name is Everyday Carry. It is a derivative of the modern city life style.

What is EDC? EDC will make our lives more ritual!

Ergonomic design: The bottom of the EDC Knuckle will not hurt your hand, fits for fingers well, and makes the grip feel more comfortable. Don't worry about hurting the wrist bone.

This exquisite EDC Knuckle is called, "Doom".

The whole EDC Knuckle adopts a high-tech, high-cost CNC integrated cutting, no other redundant accessories, one-piece molding.

There are two types of surface treatment: stone washing and sand blasting. Stone washing is like aged, and you don’t worry the scratches damage beautiful appearance during use. The sand blasting version is more delicate, and is smooth to play.

There are 2 traser slots on both front and back, and a total of 4 trasers can be added. They can keep bright in 25 years!

With the trasers, it is like an elf in the night.

This EDC Knuckle is Made Of Titanium alloy TC21

Titanium alloy metal is durable and corrosion resistant. It is a new type of titanium alloy with high strength, high toughness and high loss tolerance. It belongs to the Ti-Al-Sn-Zr-Mo-Cr-Nb(-Ni-Si) series of two-phase titanium Alloy, has good strength, plasticity, fracture toughness and low crack growth rate. The composition is Ti-6Al-2Zr-2Sn-2Mo-1.5Cr-2Nb, which is currently one of the titanium alloys with good matching of comprehensive mechanical properties of high-strength and high-toughness titanium alloys in my country.

Ordinary EDC products are mostly made of TC2 and TC4 titanium alloys, and the cost is relatively cheap, but TC21 titanium alloy is far from TC2 and TC4 titanium alloys comparable!

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