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EDC Knuckles - Review Of C70 Tyrant - 2021 New

C70 is a new EDC brand. The current works are all EDC Knuckles made of non-metallic materials. Like the new "AMMO" EDC brand, the designers are all excellent young EDC enthusiasts. The " Tyrant " carbon fiber brass knuckles reviewed this time is one of C70's works.

For this review, I specifically took out all my collections. All my EDC Knuckles, whether they are Full Finger Knuckles or Single Finger Knuckle, whether metal or non-metal, are all here. They are all domestic products, and nothing advanced. But in order to set off the " Tyrant " carbon fiber brass knuckles in this review, I still took them out.

The Single Finger Knuckle is AFK titanium alloy replica, handsome pointed AFK Corian replica, Jiuye’s Corian II Chinchilla, ONE’s titanium alloy little devil, and Kunpeng’s steel tactical duck; Full Finger Ones are replica of the real brass version of Constantine Brass Knuckles, replica of the titanium version of Constantine Brass Knuckles, and Kunpeng’s non-metallic version of wood metamorphic rock Real Brass Knuckles, and the protagonist of our review, "C70 carbon fiber brass knuckles – “Tyrant " .

This Brass Knuckles did not have an outer packing when it arrived, it was just wrapped in bubble wrap.

After opening the package, this carbon fiber brass knuckles looks very sci-fi style at first glance. The figure is tougher and the shape is compared unique. It has two finger holes and can accommodate three fingers, but I have never used this kind of EDC knuckles. I don’t know how to hold it at first, and there is no explanation.


After trying several times between putting the index finger and without putting the index finger, I feel that without putting the index finger is the best. Only the middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger are used. Since the index finger does not have a finger hole, it does not feel like a regular four-finger brass knuckles grip. Too the same, the index finger still feels insecure when I am not used to it at first.

The “Tyrant” EDC Knuckles is 105mm at longest; 65mm at widest and 19mm at thickest. After disassembling, the body of the brass knuckles is a one-piece carbon fiber board with nylon patches on both sides. There are also two carbon fiber decorative patches with the "C70" logo, and the two nylon patches have three traser slots each. Players can decide whether to install trasers. The whole brass knuckles is fixed by a combination of five double-locking screws (in fact, it is fixed by metal screws, this non-metallic brass knuckles becomes less simple, it is best to replace the screws with non-metallic ones, then the feature of non-metallic brass knuckles will be more prominent)

Its carbon fiber body is 8mm thick and is cut from a single piece of carbon fiber board, but it has not been chamfered. Part of the carbon fiber body is exposed, and the feel of index finger is not very good, but it is not particularly important. No harm.

Comparing the "Tryant" carbon fiber EDC Knuckle with the two Constantine Brass Knuckles and Kunpeng non-metallic wood metamorphic rocks, it can be seen in terms of size that the two Constantine Brass Knuckles are slightly larger in size. And because they are made of metal, the weight is very heavy, and they are not too suitable for carrying (but my two Constantine Brass Knuckles are completely for feelings and collection, basically not took out);

The wood metamorphic rock and "Tyrant" are both non-metallic materials, their weights are similar. But the shapes of the two are not the same, wood metamorphic rock belongs to the traditional style, and "Tyrant" belongs to the science fiction style.

Putting the four Brass Knuckles together, it can be seen that the thickness of the "Tyrant" is also the thickest among these edc knuckles, and its palm support is particularly full, giving the whole edc knuckles a thick feeling, but it is still very small. And the full palm support also makes the grip feel particularly good.

In fact, the normal way of gripping the brass knuckles is to place the finger grooves at the knuckles so that the palm supports are close to the palms, instead of placing the finger grooves at the knuckles, because the finger grooves are placed at the knuckles, which is improperly used. Under the circumstances, it is likely to cause a fracture of the knuckles, injuring one thousand enemies and eight hundred. However, the size of the middle finger hole of this carbon fiber brass knuckles is such an embarrassing situation. If this middle finger hole is placed at the knuckle, the top of the finger hole will be full, there is no margin, there is a certain amount Safety hazards, and if it is placed on the knuckles, although the size is sufficient, there will also be certain safety hazards.


A comparison with Kunpeng’s non-metallic wood metamorphic rock can tell you the difference, but fortunately, this carbon fiber brass knuckles is made of non-metallic material. The target does not include hard objects. It can only hit soft materials such as the flesh, otherwise it will definitely be. There will be players who use the brass knuckles to do a brick-opening test, and it will be injured if it is uneven. And the very full palm support of this carbon fiber brass knuckles can hold it tightly when holding it, to a certain extent, it makes up for the defect of the middle finger hole.

And compared with my two Constantine brass knuckles, you can see the advantages of this edc knuckles. The finger holes of the two Constantine brass knuckles are too far apart, which is not suitable for people with small hands like me. The grip feel is very poor, the fingers are almost splitting apart; while the "Tyrant" carbon fiber brass knuckles has only two finger holes, the middle finger and the ring finger have a good spacing, and the ring finger and the little finger share one finger hole. There is no need to consider the spacing of the finger holes, so the grip feel is very good; although the spacing between the finger holes of Kunpeng's wood metamorphic rock is also very comfortable, it can also be compared with "Tyrant" to see the shortcomings of Kunpeng, the striking surface of wood metamorphic rock and the finger support is relatively thin, and the striking surface of the "Tyrant" is almost three to four thick, and the finger support is at least double thick. There is a greater risk of fracture, and the thickness of the hitting surface and finger support of "Tyrant" does not have to worry too much about this problem, and the strength of carbon fiber material is also well known.

Because this is a non-metallic brass knuckles, it is more appropriate to find a tree for the attack experiment. After several punches in a row, there is no discomfort in the hand, and I feel that I can fully exert my strength, and the insecurities caused by the absence of a finger hole in the index finger as mentioned before can be completely dispelled after the actual test. In the actual test, the index finger was completely separated to the target

Since the carbon fiber body has not been chamfered, the edge is very sharp. It can be seen that the trunk has been left with obvious hitting marks. The damage that this edc knuckles can cause is really quite heavy. If it is used in actual combat, it will definitely cause a lot of injury to the enemy.

For this edc knuckles, a set of heavy EDC weapon is the best match.

I combined Paul Resistance Agent, Leatherman MUT bomb disposal expert, and Kerritz 360X3 into a set of heavy EDC, the effect is particularly good, especially to highlight the "Tyrant" carbon fiber edc knuckles's heavy feeling and strong muscle lines, which is not inferior to other gears, and the tough sci-fi style is even a bit stealer.

Generally speaking, the advantages and disadvantages of C70's "Tyrant" carbon fiber brass knuckles are obvious, but personally, I still feel that the advantages are a bit more. The advantage is that the non-metal makes it particularly portable, the weight is negligible, and the three-finger grip also makes it smaller in size, if it can have a back clip, it will be more convenient; the tough science fiction style makes people feel special Domineering makes people more psychologically happy. The disadvantage is that the size of the middle finger hole is very awkward, which makes it difficult to use the most correct holding method; the carbon fiber body is not chamfered, which makes the index finger feel a little rested during the holding process, and the comfort is not good. But friends who like it don’t have to worry too much, just buy directly, the price is not high, it is quite cost-effective.

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