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Some EDC Survival Essentials For A Judgment Day

Last year, a friend of mine encountered a small earthquake. After learning of the earthquake, his first thought was "the survival kit can finally come in handy". Fortunately, the earthquake was not strong at that time.

In fact, these potential dangers are always around us. Although no one will be a prophet, what we can do is to be fully prepared for unknown dangers. In addition to exercising, it is crucial to assemble a survival kit. You need to keep this bag on standby all the time. In some critical moments, you need it to help you strive for more time.

The concept of a bug out bag may still be a bit vague for some friends. Unlike carry-on backpacks, a survival bag is used when a crisis comes, and it is used to escape when carrying it, so what needs to be loaded in our escape bag Which equipment? The editor will list dozens of common use gear for everyone, as well as precautions when selecting these gears.


Since it’s a survival backpack, let’s start talking about bags. There are many types of backpacks on the market for everyone to choose from. As I said before, no matter how you choose, you should choose the one that fits for you. But an excellent one will have the following features:

The fabric is strong enough, generally choose the fabric above 500D nylon.

Contains MOLLE system.

Contains a chest strap and a wide waist belt.

The zippers and buckles on the backpack should have excellent performance.

Have a reasonable space division and multiple storage spaces


When escaping, you'd better have more ways to obtain clean water. Drinking water with bacteria can cause illness, or even life-threatening. Then some friends may ask, why not bring enough water. The reason is very simple, because it is very heavy, even if you want to carry it, you can only carry a small part of it. During the escape, you must find the water source and use purification tools to filter the water.

Stainless Steel Canteen

In choosing a canteen, I do not recommend using a plastic one. The reason is that you cannot use a plastic canteen to boil water directly. Boiling water is the easiest and lowest-cost way to purify the water source. So choose a canteen made of stainless steel.

Water Purification Tablets

In some situations where we can’t boil the water, we can take use of water purification tablets to purify the water source. The water purification tablets can purify the water more quickly. And its weight is extremely light, even if you carry a lot, it will not increase your burden. So it can also improve your mobility in a certain degree.


In your survival bag, you need to storage some high-calorie foods to meet that your body’s energy need. Because the space of your backpack is limited, in order to plan for a longer term, you need to learn to find food. So you need to prepare some tools in the backpack, which will help you collect more food more easily.

Small Tableware

If you can, do not eat with bare hands, otherwise you may eat a lot of foreign objects in your mouth. You can choose a titanium multifunctional spoon. The titanium is chosen because it is lighter and stronger, and the titanium alloy is more durable and healthy. Of course, you can also use your knife to eat, there will be a special introduction for the knife below.

Portable Pot

The plates and pots we use in our daily lives cannot be used as escape supplies because they occupy a lot of space, so we can choose lighter outdoor pots.

Burner and Fuel

The advantage of using the burner is that it can heat our food conveniently and quickly. At the same time, it is safer to use the burner than direct fire heating. But the disadvantage is that the special gas tank is not easy to obtain, so It's up to you to decide if put.

Fishing line and hook

Fish meat is a good source of protein, so you can prepare some fishing line and hooks. Fishing line is always a small tool I often carry. First of all, it is easy to obtain (available in fishing gear stores), and it is also very durable. It can be used not only for fishing but also in many places.

Nylon Rope

You can use nylon rope to do a lot of things. In terms of food, we can use nylon rope to make small traps to catch some small animals. The nylon rope is easy to carry. It can be hung on the outside of the backpack or worn as a nylon paracord bracelet


Slingshots are very easy to obtain, whether they are purchased or made by your own. As a lightweight hunting tool, slingshots are a good choice.

Camping Hammock

A hammock is a good solution. With a hammock, you can avoid direct contact with the ground, so there will not be too much heat loss, and at the same time you can keep your body dry. Camping hammocks with mosquito nets are recommended here.

Sleeping Bag

Nothing makes you feel warmer than sleeping bags. Sleeping bags take up a lot of space in your backpack, so choose smaller ones as much as possible.

Sleeping Pad

In addition to making you sleep more comfortable, the sleeping pad also has a main function to isolate you from the cold and hard ground. If the situation permits, this sleeping pad can be replaced with other items, such as dry leaves. One thing to mention here, avoid the use of inflatable sleeping pads, which may be punctured and become unusable.

Rechargeable Dual-Arc Lighter

Using a lighter is the easiest and most direct way to make a fire. This rechargeable arc lighter is super windproof, via battery to last, and does not run out of fuel. If you have a solar charging pad, this lighter will keep working.

Waterproof Matches

Good waterproof matches are not afraid of humid environments at all, so bring waterproof matches in case you need it.

Magnesium Bar

If you are outdoors, if you have a hunting knife, using a magnesium rod to fire is also an efficient and low-cost option


If the sunshine was very good at the time, using a magnifying glass to collect the light and fire is a very good choice.


You should store all ignition tools in a sealed, waterproof container. Whether it's in downpour or you fall into the water, these tools will always stay dry.


If you want to survive, you need to have a high-quality compass and learn how to use it, because getting lost is really too dangerous. You need to know where you are now and the best way to reach your destination. If you know that there is a compass and you can use it correctly, you won't get lost again.

Folding Shovel

The shovel is a very great invention. In the outdoor environment, the shovel can be used to clean and tidy the ground of the camp. Now the engineer shovel on the market has many functions in one, in addition to the conventional digging, cutting and picking functions. , There are still many places to be competent.

Survival Knife

You may have seen the importance of the knife in many, many places. As long as you are outdoors, the knife is your most reliable partner. It can be used as a hunting tool, it can help you make tools, you can use it to eat, you can use it Fire, in short, it is too useful! You need to spend some time researching which knife is more suitable for you. By the way, don't forget to prepare a small sharpening blade to keep your knife sharp at all times.

Portable Solar Charger

If you have many electronic products in your bag, such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, flashlights, GPS, etc., the best power supply solution is to choose a portable solar charger. We can hang this solar charger on the outside of the backpack during the day. This is one of my favorite BOB gear, because its existence allows me to carry some basic survival electronics.

Survival Axe

The survival knife can replace the survival axe, but the advantage of a survival axe is its high efficiency. The survival knife can cut trees and chop materials, but the efficiency is far less than that of the survival axe. So you can choose a lightweight survival axe for yourself and put it in the bag. .

Wire Saw

If you think that the survival axe takes up too much space in your backpack, you can choose a wire saw, which can also cut trees efficiently to help you build a shelter.

Pepper Spray & Expandable Self Defense Baton

In the extreme survival environment, your safety may be threatened at any time. Without considering the fatal situation, the pepper spray and the self defense stick are an excellent combination. The pepper can make the enemy lose the ability to fight for a short time. And the pepper spray is also very effective for animals. The advantage of the telescopic stick self defense is that it is easy to manipulate, easy to carry, and can attack and defend. Put these two pieces of gear in the most convenient place.

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