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How Kubotan Is the Most Practical Self Defense Weapon

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A kubotan is a self defense keychain and the most practical weapon. This weapon is named after Takayuki Kubota, a Japanese American master of karate who developed this stick for defending against attacks. This self defense pen is mostly five to six inches length-wise and consists of hard materials such as wood, hard plastic, or steel. This is the best self defense keychain that you can have, serving as a kecyhain and a self-defense weapon.

People in martial arts have been using these small sticks for centuries. Yawara is a similar weapon that Japanese karate masters use. Even military personnel and police forces use kubotan for close combats.

Benefits of the Self Defense Pen

One of the most significant benefits of this self defense keychain is its simplicity. You do not need to worry about changing batteries or replacing canisters. Plus, you can take this weapon anywhere you want. The only time when you need to take out this self-defense pen from the key is when you are traveling on an airline. It is inconspicuous, as it looks just like a normal keychain.

If your pepper spray has failed to scare off the attacker, you can still fight off your assailant with kubotan. What is wrong in having a keychain that can protect you in dangerous situations?

Kubotan Is Effective in Self Defense

This self defense weapon is incredibly effective  because it has the ability to create sudden and non-invasive pain with a single stroke at the right point. Moreover, kubotan can provide a hidden control over your opponent so that you can escape freely. The length of this self defense keychain is about four to five inches. Furthermore, it has a half-inch diameter and is quite lightweight, making this weapon ideal for carrying. Consider this to be a self defense weapon that you can use without much effort, and it won’t need much space for you to store it.

Here are some characteristics that identify kubotan as the most practical self defense weapon:

  • The kubotan simply amplifies the severity and harshness of your punch so that you have control over your attacker. You get a strong grasp of your every action while defending yourself. So, if your punch is averagely strong, it will be incredibly powerful with a kubotan.
  • You can also call kubotan a master of disguise. It looks like an innocent object attached to your key holder, but when you enable this unassuming pen to catch your attacker off guard, it can defend you well.
  • It can be a great help in compliance. Law securities and officials use kubotan in some countries against prisoners and defaulters when they resist arrests or refuse to obey the commands. For instance, removing a defaulter from a car can be a hard task when they are resisting. However, using kubotan can make the job much easier. This self defense pen can make a person submit and surrender when struck in the right spot.

Kubotan is Versatile

Kubotan is one of the most powerful self defense weapons that an average citizen or a police officer can use to inflict sudden pain. You can reckon the versatility of this effective little pen from the fact that different people with martial arts backgrounds use it in different ways. Even if you have no martial arts background, you simply have to punch or jab your attacker with this tool. This is, in fact, one of the greatest strengths and advantages of kubotan that you can easily carry and use it without any martial arts training.

Kubotan is Easy to Handle

You can jab or strike anywhere on the attacker’s body to inflict pain. Rape cases can be reduced by 80% if a person fights back against the attacker. The strike with kubotan inflicts enough pain that you can escape the attacker. You need to be careful about the impact when you strike. You just have to get enough time to escape. Don’t try to fight if you think your attacker can easily overpower you. If escaping the attacker is the aim, just use kubotan to buy time, and escape.

Using Kubotan Is Easy to Learn

Even if you don’t have any experience in any form of martial arts, you can easily and economically learn the methods of using kubotan for self-protection. This is a powerful weapon and can and should be a part of any self-defense program. If you are a beginner self-defense student, kubotan can be your first weapon because it requires short learning-curves and is easy to handle. During the period when a student is learning some scientific methods and techniques of unarming the attacker, which takes more time, he or she can use this self defense keychain to feel prepared, secure, and comfortable.

Legality of Kubotan

You can legally own and carry a kubotan in the United States. But you cannot carry this weapon in your luggage while traveling by air. Carrying a stick weapon with sharp ends is an offense in some countries. Kubotan also comes with a flat end, and you can carry such self defense keychain with ease.

In the countries with more restrictions on such weapons, you need to be aware of how and why you are using the weapon. You will end up in jail if you carry kubotan self defense weapon to harm someone. If you use this weapon without someone provoking you, you will be charged with criminal assault.


Kubotan self defense weapon is practical because you can conceal it by attaching it to the keychain. Once attached to the keychain, the weapon will be easy for you to access when a goon or assailant attacks you. The main purpose of this pen is to provide you safety, not encouraging you to commit a crime or offense. Kubotan is for saving you, but if you misuse this weapon, you will end up in prison. The outcome of using this weapon relies on the user.

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