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How powerful can a Brass Knuckles be?

How powerful can a Brass Knuckles be? It depends on the comparison. It is trash compared to knives and guns, even stick. It is trash in trash, compared to 59 Rockets Launcher, and not even a scrap in trash compared to A - bombs.

Just depending on the comparison. The Brass Knuckles’s comparison can be only fist ... This comparison is rather shameless, but it is actually compared with the fist. For example, the crit rate with a fist fight is 10%, but with the brass knuckles  is 100%, crit every punch.

No need compare with ten centimeters’ knives, its lethality is definitely not as good as knives. Of course, you can't compare it with a pencil sharpener made of tinplate, which is even not as good as a fist.

Fighting with a brass knuckles is just telling the offenders: I intend to beat you brutally, but I'm not ready to take your life.

There are many styles of brass knuckles. And those with a variety of patterns, such as rings, foldables, and two fingers, honestly speaking, they are useless for fighting.

foldable brass knuckles - cakra edc gadgets

cat brass knuckles

For example, above styles are very liable to kill 1000 enemies and lose 2000, directly contusing or even breaking your fingers.

If you really want to use a Brass Knuckles Real for Self Defense, the simplest style is always the most effective one. For example:

brass knuckles self defense real - cakra edc gadgets

Brass Knuckles Self Defense- Cakra EDC Gadgets

The spikes on the front are more powerful, and the tooth on the side is multi-function. A good Brass Knuckles must be thick, and the palm of your hand must be supported by it when it is held. The feel is like holding a knife handle, but it cannot be:

brass knuckles self defense real - cakra edc gadgets

Although the palm has support, but this one is too thin. It ’s better to use knuckle gloves

knuckle gloves-cakra edc gadgets

I have one pair with carbon fiber knuckles, and the attack effect is not bad. This one in picture seems to be made of plastic, maybe not as good as mine.

The function of Brass Knucles is to protect your fingers and enhance punching power of the fist. So, how powerful can a brass knuckles be? A good brass knuckles can make you more powerful when you punch, but if you must compare with other weapons, it is basically the last one, which is only better than bare arms.

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