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How Powerful Can Be A Brass Knuckles?

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The first role of the Brass Knuckles should be defined as a Pocket Weapon. Many people say that it is not powerful. In fact, it should be seen in the specifics. At least in the foreign movies, some of the thugs wear it, the power is not trivial. Of course, as everyone said, the power also depends on the style and user level, the bass knuckles on amazon now are a few hundred kinds at least, the most useful style is the simple four holes with palm support. The rings with small spikes are actually self-comforting. Also depending on the user, if you are a coward, can you get stronger after wearing it? Regardless of whether you wear a brass knuckles or not, if you hit the brick wall directly, it is estimated that Tyson will also fracture. This is like a tank , you can try to hit the cement pier in front of the toll station at the high way.

With a sharp weapon in mind, Killing heart swelled. However, it should be understood that the fight itself is wrong. In the current situation in China, many local public security situations are okay. In case of disputes, calling the police is the best choice. When fighting, you can choose weapons or the level of violence according to measure the strength comparison of both parties, which usually takes a master to achieve it. The common people will often have an accident if they act rashly. This is actually not related to whether or not you have a weapon (sometimes escape is the best choice if you don’t have a weapon), many foreign knives’ books (the foreign regulations of knife is looser than domestic ones) mention that in many cases, weapons should not be shown in advance. Because showing weapons in advance often escalates the conflict, which is not the original intention of both parties. If you can't call the police promptly, the brass knuckles are at least better than nothing.

In fact, the collection value of many brass knuckles is more than its utility value. The cheap metal sheets and rings are actually of poor quality, which is better to deter invaders. Superior quality brass knuckles (of course you must admit that some are well-designed and have a certain of lethality) are often of good design and materials, and the price of such products are usually five or six hundred dollars, and some even more than one thousand. Honestly speaking, I will not buy if it is not for collection purpose. Even if I buy it, I won’t smash the flowers or trees (not to mention tiles and walls) with it, or the collection value will be greatly reduced. Basically, it is used for playing (Everyday Carry). And it will not even be taken to the public space, or you may cry if it is gotten confiscated by the cop. The Real Self Defense Brass Knuckles is actually made of G10 or ABS plastic, usually less than 30 dollars, you will not be sad even if it is lost.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that the brass knuckles is not necessarily used to beat people. It also has a more practical function – window breaker. Of course, this is not often used. This function leads to another type of product, called Kubotan (also known as Tactical Pen), which is similar to the brass knuckles, but the aggression is less obviously. And usually kubotan will not bring trouble to you, because it is legal in most of the countries. Now the function of kubotan is integrated into the writing pen (of course many are very expensive), which is a variant.

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