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How To Choose Your Own Self Defense Weapons?

I ever heard that some friends complained they seldom took advantage of their own Self Defense Weapons, and it may not be used even once after keeping it for a long time. For this situation, the writer wants to say that it is lucky to not use it, but if you have the habit of carrying Self Defense Tool, if it is really used in the future, it may help you escape from danger. Carrying Self Defense Weapon is very necessary, because you never know when danger will come.

Before we choose or use Self Defense Products, we should learn some knowledge about Self Defense. The best method is that we can predict the danger as early as possible, and then stay away from it. When danger coming, the best action criterion should be Escape-Hide-Counterattack, always remember that the confrontation should remain in the last step, and the Self Defense Weapon you carry is your last defender

For many people, when it comes to Self Defense Kit, the first tool that comes to mind is the knife. The knife is very unsuitable for Self Defense. It is uncontrollable, it is easy to kill people, and it may cause irreparable consequences. So Self Defense Weapon should follow these points:

  1. Legality. Although Self Defense Product is still a relatively marginalized area in the United States, it’s better not to choose the items prohibited by your local Laws and regulations
  2. Portability. Portability is the key; Since it is a carry-on tool, portability is the key point. It must be small and light enough.
  3. Self Defense Effect. First of all, this product’s function is defending, then secondly is attack. The biggest use of Self Defense Weapon is to avoid harm to the greatest extent. And when the danger further escalates, you can use this weapon to deter the invader
  4. Reliability. The choice of Self Defense Product should take Easy of Use into consideration. Through the daily practice, when the danger really comes, you can respond immediately.

Cakra EDC Gadgets here lists some of most common Self Defense Products on the market, meanwhile let’s talk about the advantages and limitations of these products.

1.Real Brass Knuckles

The Brass Knuckles Self Defense Real is a weapon that is put on the fingers for close combat. It can be well combined with the user's fist. Its metal texture (now also made of other materials) also greatly increases attack power. I believe that the biggest advantage of brass knuckles is its portability. If you have experience of close combat, this will be a Self Defense Weapon that can effectively improve the combat effectiveness. But if no related training, you’d better give up using it for Self Defense purpose. Of course, in addition to Self Defense, the brass knuckles can also be used as an Emergency Survival Tool for Breaking Car Window.

2.Self Defense Alarm

This is the most common Self Defense Product For Women, and it is also very convenient to use. Just pull down the keychain. It can continuously emit an alarm sound of 120 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise volume of a small aircraft landing. An adult woman scream with all her strength, can only emit a volume of about 90 decibels. If you buy one and hang it on the bag, the bad guys don't think it is an alarm.

The self defense alarm is a non-aggressive tool, it can make a huge noise, and it can be clearly heard within hundreds of meters. The effect is obvious in a bustling city. The alarm sound will draw tens of thousands of people’s attention, and it is enough to deal with common bad guys. There are many evil people who are only pussy actually. It can cause tremendous psychological pressure on the gangsters. It does not require any skills. The price is not expensive too. Women and children can actually prepare one. In addition, it can easily pass security check.

3.Pepper Spray

The alarm mentioned above may be useless in a place where is desolate and uninhabited. At this time, a more powerful Self Defense Weapon is required. Maybe you have guessed that it was Pepper Spray. In reality, it is not only a "eyesore" Self Defense Tool, it can also cause discomfort in the nasal mucosa, causing severe coughing, difficulty breathing, continuous sneezing, and violent tears, which makes the gangsters painful and will be incapacitated in a short time.During this period, you can get enough time to get rid of illegal violations.

It should be noted that the pepper spray needs to be sprayed on the face to be most effective. Open the top rotary safety valve or safety cover before use. You must have certain skill and psychological qualities. Don’t panic in danger, keep calm and act promptly.

At present, the main content of pepper sprays on the market like Messi (1972), Sand Leopard (1975), etc is capsicum extract, which does not contain harmful chemical ingredients (except anti-bear spray), High spicy degree, good blinding effect, also contains ultraviolet stains, as long as the invader does not have special diseases such as heart disease, it will not cause permanent damage.

When choosing the pepper spray, it is better to choose the jet type. You’d better not choose mist type. Otherwise, it may spray on your own face, especially when the wind is contrary.

When spraying, remember to display "Z" or "8", but if you are really in danger, you may not remember so much. Anyway, just spray it on the face of the gangster.

Points for attention

First of all, you have to keep the habit of carrying it with you. It should be placed where can be easily taken out.

Test it in an open place (preferably outdoors~~), check the range of attack, to be prepared.

4.Tactical Flashlight

The principles of tactical flashlight and pepper spray are actually the same. They all attack the eyes of gangsters. It can be used as ordinary flashlight. When you encounter gangsters, you can turn on the flash function and blind the eyes of the gangsters!

Tactical flashlight can not only be used for lighting like common flashlight, but also can be used as Self Defense Glare Flashlight, with a spiked attack head, which can effectively strike the pain points of gangsters when necessary, similar to the tactical pen or kubotan. It is better to choose a lumen above 600 (the greater the lumen, the brighter the light), which will offer a better Self Defense effect.

Many brands of tactical flashlights are available, and it is not difficult to buy them. In addition, if you buy it, you must be careful not to open the flash function casually, which may hurt the people around you.

5.Plastic Steel Self Defense Comb

The plastic comb introduced this time is one of Cold Steel's “Honey Comb” plastic products. As the name implies, it is not only a simple comb, but it can also play the best defense function when it is critical. . As long as the grip is drawn, the cross-pointed cone-shaped plastic steel knife immediately transforms into a Self Defense Weapon.

This artifact bringing you security feeling momently is actually a hidden "short sword"

The plastic comb is made of nylon + glass fiber. Zytel is not like a general metal. It is lightweight and extremely effective. Especially for women, it is a harmonious Self Defense Weapon (you can take it on a plane). Although the appearance is an ordinary comb, and you can use it as a comb, but under the scabbard of the comb is actually a precision-made high-performance plastic steel dagger. At the moment of crisis, it is a sharp Weapon for Self Defense.

6.Tactical pen

It looks like an ordinary ball pen. In fact, its attack head is made of ultra-hard material (such as tungsten, zirconium, etc.), second only to diamond in hardness, and can easily break the glass.

It is actually a pen-shaped weapon, made of hard metal, with anti-slip patterns on the pen body, which is concealed and may have unexpected effects. You can write with one end and fight with another end. In addition, it is also a portable Self Defense Tool that can pass security check machine.

Here is a trick to teach you, if you really have to use it one day, you must attack the gangster's elbow accurately and quickly.

Other weak points can also be attacked. Depending on the situation, you can use it to attack the back of the attacker's hands, eyes, temples, thighs, flanks, and Dantian.

Many cold weapons appeared in the movie "Operation Mekong". Tactical pens were used to knock down the enemy for several times. Many people are interested in tactical pens because of this movie.

Peng Yuyan also used it to break the window ~~~ In fact, some drivers will also prepare a tactical pen in the cars. The attack head made of tungsten can smash the tempered glass of the window, just in case.


At last, no matter what Self Defense Weapon you choose, remember that the purpose of Self Defense is not to win, not to fight like Kilkenny cats, but to retreat as soon as possible. The best defense is always to stay away from dangerous people and dangerous areas. Don't cause trouble, don't be afraid of troubles, be prepared for the greatest chance of survival.

Self Defense Products may be something you might never buy, but it is the key to save your life. But compared with Self Defense Tools, security awareness is more important.

Not try to travel alone

Less night walking/running

Don't go to sparsely populated places

Have a basic sense of Self Survival

If you can, prepare some Self Defense Weapons

Don't anger criminals easily

So please always keep vigilant, don't give criminals the opportunity to take advantage of. Others do not have the right to hurt you, but this does not mean they will never hurt you.

I hope you will never use these Self Defense Products!

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