Learn to Assemble the Best Self Defense Kit by Yourself

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Carrying a weapon to protect yourself is inevitable these days. With increasing stories of murders, aggressions, and rape cases that we see in the news, the feeling of insecurity keeps on rising. People are enrolling themselves in self defense schools to learn how they can stay safe and defend against unexpected attackers. Some also question themselves about carrying a weapon or two. Many prefer a self defense kit that they can use depending on the situation. In this article, you will learn why you need a self defense kit to protect yourself in dangerous situations and how you can assemble it.

Why you Need a Self Defense Kit

The reason why you need a kit for self defense is that your first move fails sometimes. Maybe the attacker is active enough to block your attack, or he/she is aware of the weapon you have. If you have other options, you can surprise your attacker with multiple moves and divert their attention to escape unharmed. Having more than one tool can work as a backup.

You can also use the weapon depending on the situation. For instance, if the attacker is tall and you cannot aim for his face to punch with a knuckle, you can use kubotan self defense weapon on any pressure point that you can quickly strike. So, having multiple options of weapons or a self defense kit can be useful in many ways.

What Self Defense Weapons You Can Add in Your Self Defense Kit

Here are some options that you can choose as self defense weapons:

1.     Stun Guns or Tasers

The first weapon that will go perfectly in your self defense kit should be a stun gun or a taser. While they look the same, they are slightly different in the way they work. You fire a taser device from a short distance from the attacker. The two pointed prongs will hit the attacker, and you can disarm them with the electric shock. On the other hand, a stun gun is not a ranged weapon, but works like a taser.

Both weapons contain super-high voltage. They are non-lethal and have ability to incapacitate your target. You can add any one of these self defense weapons to your kit.

2.     Self Defense Keychain

The best weapon for self defense is easy to get a grip on whenever you are under attack. Additionally, it should be easy to carry and discrete. You can consider pocket knives, but knives are not concealable, and the attacker can easily spot your knife, whereas, if you are holding your keys in your hand, this will look less suspicious.

So why not you add a weapon in your self defense kit that is attached to your keys? Well, self defense keychain is the best concealable, lightweight, and easy to carry weapon. These self defense weapons come in different non-suspicious designs that cannot be considered as a weapon until used.

3.     Brass Knuckles Self Defense

You have to take measures to improve your security no matter where you live. You need to keep yourself safe and stay attentive around suspicious people. To protect yourself, you should carry a weapon that can multiply the pressure of your punch. For that, you need a brass knuckle or knuckle duster. Brass knuckles self defense weapons are famous around the world for protection on the streets. These self defense weapons can be life-saving, but only if you know how to use them. You need some training and techniques to use them effectively. Here are some factors that make this tool necessary a perfect addition to your self defense kit.

  • You can easily conceal it
  • It is a non-lethal weapon
  • If you punch rightly, the attacker cannot attack back

4.     Baton, Kubotan or Tactical Pen

i)    Steel Baton

These self defense weapons are easy to use, lightweight, and collapsible. Steel batons are a popular choice for people who are looking to protect themselves. Below are some advantages of this weapon, which should convince you to add them to your self defense kit:

  • They are compact
  • You can use them after some basic training
  • They have a significant impact
  • You can take them to places where many self defense weapons are not allowed

ii)    Kubotan

Kubotan self defense weapon is effective because it is non-invasive. This weapon can surprise your attacker and help you flee from the situation. The size of a kubotan is around four to five inches in length and the diameter is half an inch, which makes this tool ideal for carrying with you. You should include this in your self defense kit rather than some heavy mechanical item that needs more effort to operate and is hard to conceal.

iii)    Tactical Pen

The tactical pen works as a survival multi-tool and is often the first suggestion from specialists. This self defense tool looks exactly like a traditional pen in its appearance, shape, and size. You can also write with this pen. The difference is that it can be used to strike your attacker to defend yourself. A tactical pen is a powerful tool that should be included in any self defense kit. These self defense weapons are easy to carry and quite small, so that you can keep them in your pocket without anyone noticing.


The self defense weapon that you want to carry with you is entirely your choice. You should pick one that’s easy to carry and comfortable to hold on to when defending yourself. You should consider the pros and cons of various self defense weapons and only then make an informed decision. In addition to the common factors, you should also consider the type of place you live in to pick a self defense weapon. Regardless of the weapon you choose, you should join training classes to learn to use your weapon in the most effective manner.


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