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10 Ninja Weapons For Self Defense And Attack

Ninja hidden weapons are often transformed from farm tools, daily necessities, garden tools, etc. Most of these weapons were invented and designed by ninja, and only they knew how to use them. Therefore, in the eyes of others, it was no different from ordinary daily necessities.

Weapon 1:Kunai

Kunai is an essential weapon for all ninjas. Each group has three throwing knives. This weapon causes the most damage through weight and balance. Because of the weight and balance, Kunai is easier to hit the target.

It is said that the predecessor of Kunai is just a small shovel.

Weapon 2:Shuriken

Also known as the throwing star, it is named because of its shape like a star and sharp edges. Most shurikens have at least three angles, also many have more angles. To make good use of the shuriken, you must achieve good speed and accuracy. When proficient, every attack will bring a fatal blow to the enemy.

Weapon 3:Blowgun

This weapon looks harmless, but it is actually very dangerous. Blowgun is arguably the most primitive gun, its range can reach 65 feet (almost 20 meters away). The arrows in blowgun are also extremely sharp, with the help of proficient skill, they can penetrate the bones. And some ninjas will also smear poison to the arrows to achieve the instant kill effect.

Weapon 4:Brass Knuckles

Knuckle Duster is very important for ninjas. It makes the attack concealed and not easy to be exposed. It can be hidden in the hand, and when it is close to the target, it can be taken out again. In fact, this kind of brass knuckles can also be used in reverse, which can also cause damage.

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Weapon 5:Kusari Fundo

This is a chain with a handle, a chain with heavy objects on both ends. In many places where swords are not allowed, ninjas use chains instead, because this weapon is highly lethal and easy to hide when not in use.

Weapon 6:Dust

Although this is just a mixture of things like earth, ash, and sand, it can cause a temporary blindness to the enemy or the assassination target. Taking use of this opportunity, the ninja can immediately take the upper hand and kill the enemy, or escape. It is also a powerful weapon.

Weapon 7:Karate-Sais

Not only ninjas use sai, but low-level officials and warriors who need self-defense also use it. This weapon is also called " Jitte", which means ten hands. The weapon, as the name suggests, has great power. It seems that there are really ten hands forcing together. When the enemy attacks the ninja with a long knife or sword, holding the sai’s handle can defend or counterattack.

Weapon 8:Tekkoukagi

The weapons was often used by ninjas, it can both attack and defend, and also be known as cat claws. This design is conducive to grabbing anything, even the enemy's weapons, thus prevailing. When attacking, it can cause fatal injury to the enemy's eyes and throat, especially the aorta.

Weapon 9:Kusarigama

This weapon was originally a farm tool, but it was later found that this practical tool also had great lethality. Soon after, the ninja began to use kusarigama in battle. With different understanding of it, the ninja also has a variety of special skills when using this weapon.

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Weapon 10:Katana

The katana is a very dangerous ninja weapon, and people often call it the "samurai sword". There are many shapes, and multiple lengths to choose from, which is more flexible to use. Its unified feature is: exceptionally sharp.

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