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One Bracelet. One Fashion Accessory. One Awesome Weapon.

The self-defense jewelry industry is booming and it’s not hard to see why. A casual watch of the evening news reminds us of just how dangerous this world is becoming. Most don’t want to admit it and so they casually look past it. However, there are those who notice, and yet don’t want to seem paranoid about it. They want to play the part of casual sheep, but deep inside they know there may come a day when they need to play the lion. Self-defense jewelry is offering the answer and some of it is straight out of a James Bond film. The simple truth is that society has prohibited you from taking weapons everywhere you may go. However, society has always welcomed jewelry. This is your path to being ready for the day most people dread most. This is your path to safety and security.

A Self-Defense Bracelet Ready for Battle

Without exception, a firearm in the hands of a well-trained individual amounts to perhaps the best means of self-defense in the modern era. The only problem is that many locations around the world prohibit the carry of a firearm. Moreover, there are plenty of occasions where it seems a bit excessive to carry a firearm on your hip. The odds of marauding individuals assaulting your Sunday night dinner are low. However, the odds of you surviving that Sunday night dinner if the odds are not in your favor are low, if you are not prepared.

That’s where a self-defense bracelet such as the Acala Full Stainless Steel Self-Defense Beads Bracelet can mean the difference between life or death. What looks like a fashion accessory consistent with fancy garb can turn into a versatile self-defense weapon in a matter of seconds. Before we get into the lethal capabilities of this weapon, let’s again acknowledge its fashion relevance. This is a bracelet first to all who see it. Fashionable and with a stainless steel look that matches both the casual jeans look and a subtle formal look, this bracelet stands alone as a piece of jewelry. It’s just what comes next that might save your life.

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From Sheep to Lion

Most criminals are not looking for a fight. They don’t want heavy resistance and most typically flee at the first sight of it. That’s why the simple unveiling of a weapon from what seemed like fashionable jewelry is such an intimidating sight to the wrongdoer. Not only do they realize that they have not found a sheep, but they become aware that they have indeed stumbled upon a lion. That sight alone is often enough to save a life. Yes, if the bad guy persists, what comes next will make him regret his life decisions.


Every single bead is made of 316s stainless steel. It will feel like a hammer on the face of the perpetrator, but easy on the skin of wearer. Along the string of hard steel exists three free-floating large beads that serve as the tip of the spear. It can be used to break glass as an escape mechanism. With a 2mm steel diameter wire serving as its core, it can serve as a pull mechanism with at least a 250km weight strength. Finally, it can serve as a self-defense whip that delivers an anvil of pain to the face of evil. This self-defense bracelet delivers when it matters most.

Never Enter a Fair Fight

The military has saying that “if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” When it comes to your personal self-defense, you never rely on the thought that you opponent seeks to fight fair. The modern street isn’t the schoolyard where two kids square off at noon after lunch. If you find yourself with the need to defend yourself it’s because someone seeks to do you harm. When your life's on the line, there is no such thing as a fair fight. Adding any piece of self-defense jewelry could be the factor that saves your life or the lives of those you love.

You don’t have to walk around the city looking like a Marine who is ready to storm the beaches in order to defend yourself. You can look like a man on his way to change the oil in his car with a fashionable bracelet on his wrist. You can look a woman out to dinner with a beautiful stainless steel bracelet or necklace adorning her. You can look like a sheep if you want, but little do they know, you are prepared to be the lion. Self-defense jewelry is sweeping the world and don’t find yourself a season too late when it matters most.

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