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Self Defense and Usage of weapons

Self defense can be simply introduced as acts that are taken for defending an opponent, in order to protect own self from harm. Self-defending must be reasonable and also a defendant must use a force that is reasonable in order to protect himself. Self defense education can be seen in martial art education. Martial artists are taught to defend themselves in fights by teaching self defense techniques. There are self defense courses that can be followed by normal people too, or else self-defense can be practiced by anyone using the correct techniques.

Being able to defend own self is really beneficial. You can be confident about yourself with your abilities to have own protection. Feeling protected by your own self leads to build confidence and to grow yourself as a better person. You will be able to balance your work by learning self-defense. This happens when you are trained to focus on your protection and your surroundings. Training and practicing self-defense will improve your physical conditions. Your body will be healthy, flexible and energetic. This helps in increasing the awareness of the surrounding environments, even when you are engaging in a different task. You will be taught to respect each other and to your own self in self-defense. The warrior spirit will be developed because of this. Development of the reflex of the fighters’ can be seen on self-defense training. You will be helped in setting of goals and achieving the goals as a result of learning self-defense. All together there are lots of positive influences to your life because of knowing self-defense.

There are the strategies and techniques that you should follow in harmful situations for self-defense. First of all, your instincts must be trusted by you as they act as the danger detectors. Escaping from the harmful situations must be done. Stay with awareness and importantly, have courage and confidence. You can setup verbal boundaries that are strong. A non-confrontational stance must be maintained to mislead the attacker. A safe distance must be kept while occupying your personal space. Usage of surprising elements, words or actions can mislead the attacker. Use simple gestures and simple techniques. If you are knocked down, you must not be panicked. Take actions in order not to be panicked. When the attacker knows that you are capable of fighting and defending yourself, it will be difficult sometimes. Therefore, you have to continue the fight until you get a chance to stop and escape.

Self-defending can be done physically. But you can use weapons as an extra point to keep yourself protected. Personal security plan is an important thing, and weapons will add more safety for your personal security plan. There are varieties of self-defense weapons. Most common weapons that are used for self-defense are pepper sprays, batons, knives and guns. Moreover, there are lots of various self-defense weapons.

Brass Knuckles is one of great self- defense weapon that can be used for your safety. Brass Knuckles are mainly used in hand-to-hand combat situations. These Brass Knuckles are made out of steel to match around the knuckles. These Brass knuckles can also be used as a self-defense tool in such situations. The history of these brass knuckles goes out to ancient times, this can be seen as an ancient weapon in those days. The Americans have used these from the 18th century in the civil war. The advantage of this weapon is, there is no need of much space to carry this in a bag, can easily wear, fits to the knuckles very well and can easily use in a small space. From this weapon, damages can be done to the opponent, such as tissue damages and can protect the wrist in such situations.

Anubis Full Stainless Steel Self Defense Ring is another self-defense weapon. This is a type of self-defense jewelry. This is a small ring that you can wear and walk anywhere you want. This ring is made out of stainless steel and light weighted ring. This kind of ring can pass any kind of security check and this small ring can cause damages for the opponent and it will help you to save your life in such harmful situations in day-to-day life.
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