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The Only Non-Lethal Self-Defense You Need in 2020

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You might have seen this weapon in a spy movie, but in real life, the emergence of tactical pens is relatively new. People use them as a weapon when they do not want to carry guns for their safety. Another reason for the popularity of tactical pens is that they are disguised self defense weapons that you can hide in plain sight. Another reason for choosing a self defense pen is that they do not look like standard weapons even when you carry them exposed.

When you use this tactical pen for self defense at the right time using proper technique, it can save your life.

Features of a Tactical Pen

You can this tool just like a pen to write a grocery list. It has pressurized cartridges that make it function like a typical pen. In addition to using it for writing, a tactical pen can:

  • Break through various barriers, e.g., glass, as it has a blunt end.
  • Defend you against the attacker with its extra-sharp ballpoint.
  • Be used as a weapon as it has aircraft-grade steel or aluminum body for a powerful strike.
  • Come with additional features like handcuff key, lasers, and lights.

Advantages of a Tactical Pen for Self Defense

The most evident advantage of a self defense pen is that it is tactful and discreet. These disguised self defense weapons can fit inside your pocket and purse inconspicuously. The pen is heavier than a usual pen but comfortable to hold in your hand. It writes normally, and you can easily pull it out of your pocket and jot a note without anyone noticing. It has all the features of a good introductory self defense weapon, such as ease of handling and unintimidating looks.

·       A Handy Self Defense Pen

Because of the materials used in their making, Tactical Pen have great strength, unlike like normal plastic pens that break easily. It is usually made up of solid metal and does not shatter when you strike it on a surface.

·       Easy to Learn

Not just a tactical pen, but any self defense tool needs some excellent techniques to operate. To learn about the pressure points of the opponent and the right techniques for using a self defense pen, you can either take self defense classes or search tutorials on YouTube. You will find many videos in which experts demonstrate proper techniques of using tactical pens .

·       Easy to Use

The method of using this self defense pen is similar to using a kubotan. You need to grasp this pen tightly in your palm and strike or stab the attacker. You need to aim for the pressure points such as ribs, the inside of the arm, groin, throat, or face. A strike to the pressure point can buy you some time to escape and run away from the attacker.

You need to double-tap before jabbing or stabbing your opponent. If you hit the right spot on one strike, two or three hits can give you more control over the situation, and you can escape easily from danger.

·       Forensic Evidence

Another benefit of using a tactical pen is that you can provide evidence to law enforcement against the attacker. When your defense pen gets in contact with the assailant, it picks up some samples of the DNA for evidence. These samples can be helpful in identifying the attacker. Some model also includes a DNA catcher, which is specially designed for collecting the DNA of the attacker.

·       Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon

You can consider the non-lethality of this self defense pen a huge drawback or an advantage, depending on your perspective. With a firearm or a knife, you can cause severe injuries to your opponent in order to protect yourself. But with a tactical pen, the primary purpose is to defend against an attack and buy enough time to escape the danger rather than causing lethal injuries to the attacker. This means that there is another between pulling a firearm and defending with your bare hand

Stay Safe and Proactive

This self-defense pen will be more effective if you have practiced just with it. Stay aware of the place you visit and the surroundings you live in. Be proactive while walking in the neighborhood where you feel uncomfortable, and have a higher risk of getting into danger. Do not wait for something to happen; hold your tactical pen, and stay alert. If you fumble and take time to react to an attack, this pen won’t be effective. Furthermore, you need to practice to jab and strike with the pen, so you have enough skills and confidence to defend yourself in an unpleasant situation.


Having a tactical pen for self defense is indeed a great idea on several fronts. It is a  handy and Non-lethal Self Defense Weapon that can help you defend against and escape the attacker when you jab at the pressure point. No matter what weapon you choose for protection or tackling dangerous situations, just keep in mind that training is vital. You should deploy and react with your weapon quickly to use it safely and effectively. This way, you can have the upper hand on your attacker and escape.

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