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These Should be Your Picks for Smart Self Defense Keychains


When you are looking for a self defense weapon that you can carry everywhere, the best choice a weapon that can fit anywhere and is easy to carry. To pick the right self defense weapons to protect yourself against an attacker, you need to consider some factors. These factors include how well you are trained and the strength of the weapon you are using. Furthermore, you also need to know if the weapon you are choosing is legal in your state, and if you can carry that weapon while traveling.

In any situation, you need a weapon that is easy to use and maneuver. In this article, we will share some of the best secret self defense keychains that you can purchase easily from the market and use efficiently. But before that, let discuss why you should use a self defense keychain particularly.

Why Choose Keychains for Self Defense

Easy to Carry and Discreet

Self defense keychain can easily be hidden and is hard to notice so you can surprise your attacker. Only keen eye can suspect that your keychain is not for decoration; instead, it is a secret self defense weapon. Other weapons for the self defense, such as belts, can drag unwanted attention of the people near you, but keychains are hard to notice. Everyone carries a keychain to securely hold their keys. Adding a small and straightforward tool can protect you in need.

Ease of Use and Simple Design

Most keychains have simple construction, and you can grasp them in your hands comfortably. These are solid material keychains that, when jabbed to an attacker, can inflict sudden pain. They are easy to use, and with even a little practice, you can efficiently defend yourself against your attacker.

Different Types of Self Defense Keychains

Cat Self Defense Keychain

If you are fond of small and cute weapons that cling to your keychain and bag, this is the best you can get. And that’s the reason this cat self defense keychain is number one on our list of self defense keychains. The ears of this cute little self defense weapon are used for stabbing. The sharp pointy ears can buy you enough time to escape dangerous situations when you use them for stabbing. The keychain generates a sudden pain when you punch the opponent who is trying to harm you.

The size of this cat self defense keychain is 3.14 inches and it is made of stainless steel, which is a solid material. You can also attach your keys to the keyring of this self defense weapon. You can go anywhere with confidence when you have such a weapon with you.

Fury Tactical SDK

This self defense keychain is best for people who are aware of the pressure points of the body. The SDK keychains use pressure points to stabilize thumb and have a non-lethal effect on the attacker. This keychain follows the style of the weapon that was created by Takayuki Kubota. When you have a perfect grip, the force is multiplied, and the counterforce of the impact disappears in your hand. But before using this weapon, it is advisable to watch some tutorial videos to defend effectively. If you attack blindly, you cannot get the most out of these self defense weapons.

MUNIO Design Kubotan

Self defense kubotan keychain with MUNIO design is stylish and an evolved form of various self defense tools. These self defense weapons are successful in troubling the attacker and escaping quickly. This weapon has a successful history.

In all the states of the U.S., MUNIO is legal and considered a non-lethal, practical, simple, and self defense product. These weapons are travel-friendly, and you can carry them with you on airplanes.

Kubaton Keychain

These are just like CJESLNA and have a straight forward design with no pointed end. These keychains will make you feel like a vampire hunter. Made from light aluminum, this self defense keychain is robust, less aggressive, and resistant to damage.

Ninja Keychain Kubotan

These are the most ingenious and efficient tools. Not only does this weapon distract the opponent but it also helps in disarming them. This self defense keychain kubotan is the best self defense weapon that you can have. It is only six inches long and is made of heavy metal. Some kubotan keychains have a pointed side and a keyring to attach your keys.

United Cutlery Black Legion Finger Kubaton

This is the most concealable item that you can own as a self defense weapon. This keychain can fit in a small space, such as your pocket. It can cause severe damage to your opponent without hurting your hand. It has a steel body that absorbs the impact, even when you hit hard surfaces. You can carry these disguised self defense weapons in a courthouse and even planes.


Keychains are readily accessible, intuitive, and can be used for multiple purposes. If you are considering having a self defense with you at all times, you can choose one of these keychains. However, these self defense keychains will only be practical if you practice and learn to use them properly. While having a self defense weapon is a good idea, you can’t use a weapon effectively unless you also complete some training to keep your calm and composure in difficult situations.

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