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What Are The Best Brass Knuckles For Everyday Carry?

You've likely heard of brass knuckles before, but perhaps not the term everyday carry. Everyday carry, better known as "EDC", is becoming more and more popular. And for good reason. So what is it?

The name does speak for itself. But it also leaves out some key components. And its most basic form, everyday carry is the items you carry on you and your person on a daily basis. So, basically, all of us already are EDCers'. Before you leave your house each day, I'll assume you bring your phone, keys, and wallet. Now the main difference between you and a seasoned "EDCer'' is mindfulness. You want to think about what you carry, and how it can serve three principles: utility, self-sufficiency, and preparedness.

Utility is another word for usefulness. For each item on your carry, you want them to be able to accomplish specific tasks and to have clear purposes. The items in your carry should also aid you in becoming self-sufficient. This means that were problems to arise, minor or large, you'd have the ability to handle it yourself without reliance on another person. Lastly, your EDC should better equip you to deal with emergencies that can have life or death consequences--preparedness.

As you see, all these traits compliment and feed off each other. With a proper EDC kit, you will become an asset rather than a liability, as your ability to address situations of all kinds will be enhanced. But what exactly makes an EDC kit proper? Well, there's no one answer. It all depends on where you live, what you do, and your overall lifestyle. For instance, an emergency whistle is a great addition to your EDC if you live in a crowded city. However, that same whistle would be useless in remote areas where there is no population density.

The idea behind EDC can be seen to have some overlap with the tenets of minimalism and survivalism. The most effective EDC kits are the most efficient ones--where a few tools are able to do the functions of dozens of tools. The less weight and size, the better. And, of course, these tools should serve you in case of an emergency, thus strengthening your survivability and those around you. In short, a well-chosen EDC will make you a more capable, confident, and contributing member of society.

An EDC staple, that has great crossover no matter your location or lifestyle, is the knife. Such a tool can help you out in a plethora of different situations. From mundane activities like cutting a box or some material, to more intense scenarios like cutting your seatbelt off after a car crash, or defending yourself from an attacker.

Brass Knuckles for EDC

Brass knuckles can also make a great addition to your EDC. First off, they are compact, easily concealable, and lightweight. Such characteristics make for easy transport and carry. They are also a good tool for self-defense, as they are quick to deploy, relatively easy to use, and are very effective. The effectiveness comes from concentrating the force of a punch by directing it into a smaller and harder contact point.

In this way, it acts as a force multiplier, giving someone who may not have the necessary power to injure someone, acquire that power. For the person wielding brass knuckles, their hits will be greatly enhanced, and no matter what part of the body they hit, the chances of bone fracture, breakage, or other debilitating injuries occurring are much higher than hitting with barefists. In a situation against multiple attackers, this weapon can certainly be an equalizer. Sometimes even just the sight of the weapon can be a deterrent by itself.

But besides dealing damage, it also has a safety feature of sorts. At the bottom of this weapon is a handle that helps spread the force of your punch through your entire hand and arm, which makes it less likely you will injure your hand upon impact (a quite common occurrence when punching with a bare fist.

As brass knuckles shield your fist when you punch, you can also use them to break or hit objects. They can be used as a window breaker, for instance, in case of an emergency. Essentially, any hard object that you normally wouldn't hit with you barefist, you will be able to with brass knuckles. As such, they do function in colder climates as good ice breakers, to cite another example.

Anytime you need a bludgeon, just don a pair of brass knuckles, as doing so essentially turns your arm into one. You'll be able to smash or break through whatever is acting as an obstacle in your particular situation.

Using Brass knuckles

Brass knuckles are also a great EDC tool because they offer a less lethal form of self-defense. Especially when compared to weapons such as a knife or gun. In fact, they work best as a pain compliance tool, where techniques such as grazing, grinding, or scraping come in handy. Hitting to the body is also very effective, whether to the ribs, sternum, or forearms. This way you can disable your attacker but not kill them. Striking someone in the head with brass knuckles should only be used as a very last resort, as one blow can kill someone quite easily. So you do have the option of lethality. Another added benefit of using brass knuckles is that it is much less likely to fall out of your hand and into those of your attacker, as opposed to a knife for example.

Like any tool, you want to train with it on a somewhat consistent basis and become familiar with While brass knuckles are easy to use, there is still a slight learning curve to using them. If not mindful, you might end up being less effective in a real situation and could potentially injure yourself.

The best brass knuckles for sale are those that are durable, lightweight, and ergonomic. Brass knuckles come in many different materials. Besides brass, they are steel knuckles and synthetic knuckles. Here are three brass knuckles that meet all three aforementioned qualities, and are

great for everyday carry.

1. 2023 New Brass Self Defense Knuckles Four Finger

This bad boy is made from pure brass. It's solid, durable, and robust, yet light enough to not affect the speed of your punches. Featuring anti-rust properties, these knucks are made via one-piece CNC processing. No cheap casting, and all edges are treated smoothly, with a super comfortable grip.


15mm Ultra-Thickness.

Size:120mm x 75mm x 15mm.

Net weight:560g

2. 2023 New Steel Knuckles

Made from strong, high quality steel, these knucks are not only a functional but an esthetic masterpiece. Whether to use on your everyday carry, or to use a decoration, this piece will shine in either function. The workmanship is excellent, with two plastic pads that ensure a comfortablegrip. A plastic-sprayed surface prevents rusting while maintaining the integrity of the material.


25mm thickness



3. Afrankart DFK 2 Finger Brass Knuckles Knuckle Duster -Cakra EDC Gadgets

Unlike the last two sets of brass knuckles, here we have a two finger set. As if brass knuckles weren't already compact and concealable enough, this knuck is even smaller and easier to carry, making it perfect for your EDC. Made from pure brass, it's simple looking yet sharp and elegant. With an immaculate brush finish, superbly smooth surface, and a crisp polish, this knuck is a true masterpiece.


17.6mm Ultra-Thick

Diameter of the hole:23mm

Size:56mm x 60mm x 17.6mm


Brass knuckles can be a great addition to your EDC as they are easily concealable, lightweight and can be used in a multitude of emergencies. It can be used to ward and fight off an attacker, with the dual option of lethality or non-lethality; it can break windows when escape routes or entrances are needed; it can be used to strike a hard surface while protecting your hand. Whether brass or steel knuckles, or synthetic, they all work to provide a solid contact point.

Brass knuckles are battle tested and have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years by numerous cultures and militaries. Their beauty lies in their simplicity. Even if you can't punch well, you'll be able to damage with brass knuckles. And if you can punch well, then your ability to do damage is greatly enhanced.

A big concern, however, is the legality of them. In many states of the U.S. they are illegal. It's up to you to research the laws where you live, and then to make the decision if you want to abide by them. It's not my place to give any legal advice but I'm a fan of the saying: "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6."

Sometimes laws can be very arbitrary, with the reasoning and logic behind them not solid. Brass knuckles might be illegal in one state, while another weapon that can do just the same amount of damage is not. But if you do choose to get a pair, make sure you train with them. Otherwise, you shouldn't bother to even look at any brass knuckles for sale. Stay ready. It could be life or death.

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