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What is EDC?

What is EDC? EDC is the abbreviation of Everyday Carry in English, which means the things you carry everyday. The traditional concept of EDC tools originated in the United States during the Cold War. During the Cold War, US-Russian relations were tense and in a stalemate. The two countries started an arms race and continuously increased military expenditures. The war seemed to be about to start. As the international situation is very tense, and the tension has spread to the United States, it directly affects the family life of some Americans.

During the Cold War, some Americans had a high level of safety awareness and were always thinking about their own personal safety. They began to carry some personal defense gear with them, and some even began to dig shelters, hoarding food and various supplies to avoid War that may come at any time, and protect their personal safety to the utmost extent. Although international relations are at peace now, the safety awareness of the American people has not diminished. In addition, American cowboys have always had the habit of carrying guns and knives, so the "EDC culture" has continued.

After the "911 Attacks", the American people in panic must always guard against terrorist attacks and natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Some people even guard against alien invasions, so people who carry EDC tools with them are still relatively quite a lot. There are also some professional people in the United States, who have served in the military and special police forces, have started to write some personal self-survival books, such as the "Anti-terrorism Handbook", "Emergency Response Handbook" and other professional books. There are also some manufacturers that specifically design and produce EDC Essentials, as well as professional rescue equipment and escape tools, providing people with a variety of self-defense and self-rescue supplies, meeting people's demands in daily life. People who carry EDC tools with them are not "victimized delusions", but people with a certain of safety awareness. Although the society is stable and public security is good, the dangers, natural disasters and accidents can happen at any time. And with EDC tools around, you can easily cope with unexpected accidents. Common EDC items include: watches, folding knives, brass knuckles, tactical pens, crowbars, multi-function pliers, Swiss army knives, multi-function army knife cards, tactical flashlights, window breakers, keychain tools, and fidget spinners that become popular since 2017. EDC tools are also indispensable practical tools in daily work, life and outdoor travel. It can also be used for self defense or rescue when encountering gangsters, bad weather and natural disasters. It is also an indispensable self defense product when participating in camping outdoor activities and driving.

For example, this EDC one finger knuckle, which is made of pure brass, finely polished, and the surface exudes an attractive metallic luster

As a self defense weapon, it also has the function of a bottle opener, which can be hung on your key chain well and carried with you, very practical.

Below I also collected some photos of EDC selection, you can also take a look!

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