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What Is The Most Effective Self Defense Products?

Because of my personal interest, I have been in contact with personal defense products for several years, and I have a certain understanding of various types. I hope to exchange and explore relevant experiences. Due to my limited level, it is inevitable that there will be many errors and omissions, please correct me.

First of all, emphasize the principle of Self Defense. The most important thing of self-defense is to ensure the safety of one's own life. Only when conditions permit you can take the safety of property and others into consideration. Therefore, unless you have full assurance, it is not recommended to take actions such as acting bravely, and it is even more opposed to blind death.

The most effective self defense tool is not weapons, but distance. Keeping away from the potentially dangerous environments as far as possible is the best protection for yourself. If you encounter a dangerous situation, the first response should be to get away from the offender as soon as possible.

If you can't leave the dangerous environment, then the defensive equipment carried with you becomes a straw to protect your life and property. At present, the most common personal defense products on the market mainly include pepper spray, stun gun, folding knives, self defense sticks, tactical flashlights, tactical pen/kubotan, brass knuckles, etc. Let’s analyze them briefly .

Pepper Spray




Tear gas, as one of the standard police equipment, is very powerful against illegal infringements. Even the domestic small bottle of RY spray can cause serious irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract as long as it hits the face at a suitable distance, which will incapacitate the invader for a period of time. The effective range of the spray in a windless environment is 1 to 1.5 meters. If it is imported Messi spray or Sabre spray, the effect will be more powerful.

The spray has the advantages of small size, great effect, large effective range, and simple operation. It can be placed in a wallet or pocket, and you can attack by pressing the switch when threatened, without any operating skills. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for girls. It will not increase much burden when you carry it, but it can effectively protect your own safety.

The disadvantage of spray is that it is only suitable for indoor or outdoor use in a windless environment. It will volatilize quickly in a windy environment, it will even affect yourself if it is sprayed against the wind. Moreover, the span of a vial spray is relatively short (a few seconds), so the frequency and duration of spraying must be mastered. When you are nervous, do not press the switch unceasingly and spray randomly. If used properly, the vial spray can disperse about three attackers.

Folding Knives




In fact, every kind of knife can be used for self defense, but considering that knife with long blade will be treated as illegal weapon, and the fixed blade is not easy to carry. Therefore, the folding knife is more suitable for EDC. Usually you can open a box, or cut a piece of paper or something with it. It is also a very powerful weapon under emergency situations.

Relatively speaking, the knife is the most tragic and disharmonious among several self defense tools, and it is also easy to cause excessive defence and violate the law. Therefore, it can be used for deterrence, but it is not recommended for actual combat. Girls or people with poor physical strength are not recommended to use it. First, stabbing with a knife requires a certain amount of strength. If the grip is not good, it is easy to be snatched away. Second, if there is more bleeding, it may make yourself timid and even cause psychological harm. And because the blade length of folding knife is relatively short, the folding knife will be completely at a disadvantage when facing the machete without a certain grasping and fighting foundation. If you choose a folding knife, you should also choose a more well-known and reliable brand, such as SOG, spider, butterfly, etc., because the locking of the blade is very important for the folding knife. If you accidentally unlock it during use, you can easily kill yourself.

Baton Self Defense




As one of the police gears, the self defense baton is a very effective personal defense tool. The length of the retractable baton self defense is 18 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches, 26 inches, etc. At present, the most used in China is 21 inches (the length after unfolding is about 54 cm). Among all the defensive products that can be carried with you, the expandable baton self defense is the longest and the strongest, and it is the only one that can face the machete. If you use a 26-inch (approximately 64 cm in length) self defense whip, you will have a certain length advantage when facing the watermelon knife used by the mob. You can hit the enemy's hand and other parts preferentially, and there is basically no problem for a qualified telescopic stick to block the attack of a machete. A expandable baton is a blunt weapon. If it is used properly, it will be fatal if it hits the head and neck, and it can easily hurt the bones when it hits other parts. It is also convenient for drivers to prepare a 26-inch expandable baton in the car to deal with emergencies.

However, the use of the expandable baton requires a certain body strength foundation, wrist flexibility , control and coordination ability. So if you want to use it proficiently, you need to do more practice, otherwise it is an iron stick at best, and it will not exert any power. . Therefore, it is not recommended for girls and people with weaker powers at all, otherwise it will be easy to be seized and become the cause of their tragedy. If you have the basics of badminton practice, it will be very helpful to use self defense stick, because the essentials of swinging the racket and swinging the stick are almost the same. In addition, it is recommend GAS, Paul, ANT if you choose a domestic branded retractable baton, as for foreign brands, you can consider ASP (American Armament System and Procedures, the largest supplier of American police equipment), EKA, etc., after all, good lock is the soul of a self defense stick.

Kubotan, because of its small size, it is very suitable for holding, and it can cause obvious tingling when using it. So it is very suitable for girls to hanging on a keychain for self defense.

Brass Knuckles Paperweight are also very effective defensive tools. But to achieve better effect, they also have certain requirements for punching power. At the same time, it is difficult to effectively defend against machetes, so they are more suitable as auxiliary tools.

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