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What's The Most Effective Self Defense Products For Women?

Women are always reminded like this: Do not go out at night, travel together, bring your Self Defense Weapon. The Self Defense Weapon is such a helpless noun that appears in every woman victimized news.

Can the Self Defense Weapons really be useful? Not always, but it can bring you more possibility to escape from danger.

The raper, or speaking that we are in danger, the situation will not be changed or improved by the so-called Self Defense Tool in our hands or in our bags. All self defense weapon are used to escape or revolt. It is the moment when raper attack and invade us. We pin our hopes on these self defense weapon, hoping to use this to escape the bad guy’s hand. Give yourself a little more time.

The general self defense weapon available on the market are mainly divided into two categories: one is offensive and another is of alarm.

The main offensive products are: Self Defense Flashlight, Pepper Spray, and a variety of metal offensive weapons, such as electric batons, Brass Knuckles and Kubotan. Even including this kind of naked eye can clearly determine the anti-wolf flamethrower that can not pass the security check.

Below I recommend several simple and effective Self Defense Products For Women.

1.Self Defense Alarm

The self defense alarm does not have any counterattack effect in the face of the attack. Most alarms are just alarms, and a few will also have an alarm button. The appearance is simple and elegant. Of course, there are girlish styles such as bears and bees, and the price range is about 20-100RMB

However, this small alarm can be used as an ornament, hanging on a bag or a key chain, but remember to hang it where you can get it, otherwise the gangsters are ready to attack you, you are still looking for the alarm At that time, in an emergency, could you sound the alarm before the gangster started under your panic state? So the girls must hang the Self Defense Alarm device within easy reach.

The alarm is very easy to use, but you must pay attention to how to use it: don't hold it in your hand after the alarm is activated! Don't hold in your hands! Throw it away elsewhere, the 120 dB noise can deter some bad guys to a certain extent, and quickly escape while taking advantage of this gap!

This alarm has no other functions except to emit a huge warning sound. It is an alarm that is a bit like the alarm of an electric bike in a long distance, but it is the most useful tool in practical situations.

Because it may be the tool that can react in no time, as long as the pin is unplugged, it will sound continuously, no matter under any situations, we can use this to win ourselves a second or two seconds response time, or just give us more opportunities to be rescued and escaped. This is enough.

What we actually need is not the strength to fight criminals, nor the courage to bravely capture the pervert, but all we need is the opportunity that can escape from being violated. What we need is only so.

2.Pepper Spray

Many people recommend Pepper Spray, but in fact pepper spray is limited in the market.

First, because the pepper spray is a police product, if it is bought by criminals, it will cause trouble for the police.

Second, because the components of pepper spray cannot be completely monitored, the market is full of many unqualified products.

Of course, in addition to pepper spray, essential balm and cooling oil are also excellent products. First of all, the cooling oil in a small bottle is not an illegal item. It can also pass through the subway security check. And it can spray the eyes closely, it can also incapacitate the invader in a certain degree. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the girls must run immediately. Preventing pervert, retreating to treat injuries and illnesses is a necessary product for home and travel!


Kubotan, also known as pen sticks, key sticks, bone penetrating cones, etc., are generally used exclusively by women or students. The length of the kubotan is 12 cm to 16 cm and the diameter is 10 mm to 16 mm. It is small and light.

There are two types of kubotan sold online, one is the stick body is designed with a thread shape, the front end is sharp pen-shaped, and the other is cylindrical. If you encounter an attacker with extremely strong psychological quality, a self defense alarm or the similar may be useless. When this time the kubotan will be your best helper. This Self Defense Weapon has strong penetrating power, and can also knock down the attackers for girls with little strength, increasing the probability of escaping from danger. You can poke, penetrate, and smash the perpetrator's ganglion soft tissues, joints and other fragile positions, causing the perpetrator to suffer severe pain and lose her attack power.

It can also be used to smash the window when encountering trapped cars. The advantage of the kubotan is that it is relatively small but has strong penetrating power, and there is a ring on one end that can be placed on the thumb and is not easy to be robbed. In case of danger, you can force yourself to poke at the bad guys, such as under the ribs, balls, or eyes. And it can be used to break the window to escape when in distress in the car. Some kubotans can also be used as whistle!

This product is great for friends who often go out early and back late or go home and need to pass through the alley. When emergency, take it out and attack the attacker. Basically it is a trick.

4.Self Defense Flashlight

The micro Self Defense Flashlight is recommended here. It can be said that it is a relatively popular Self Defense Tool in recent years. The shape of this flashlight is similar to that of ordinary flashlights, mostly black. Its advantage lies in its ability to generate a strong light with a brightness of up to 800 lumens. When in danger, you can use a flashlight to shine directly on the criminal’s eyes, so that his sight is obstructed in no time, providing time for the victims to escape and call for help. Moreover, such a flashlight is small and convenient to carry, which is very important in emergency situations.

The current glare flashlight also adds a barb design to the lamp head, which means that it can be used as a close-up Self Defense Weapon, and some brands of glare flashlights can emit laser light, which can make the gangster permanently blind. When a glare flashlight shines on the eyes, the eyes will be "blind" for at least 6-7 seconds, and women can use this short time to escape quickly.

In addition, if the suspicious person is close, women can also use the sharp head of the strong light flashlight to poke towards the suspicious person's waist. This force is enough to make violator feel pain and frighten him.

Although these items are less offensive, they are more practical, and women can hold a flashlight in their hands when walking at night. On the one hand, it is used for lighting, and on the other hand, when encountering a suspicious person, you can use a self defense flashlight to shine on his eyes to fight for time.

5.Self Defense Jewelry

Self Defense Ring, the style with spike. It is very concealed when worn on the hand. You can make the violator temporarily lose defense and attack ability in the shortest time completely unexpected. It is not illegal at all. After all, it is only a jewelry. Of course, this type is only suitable for close combat, and it is only suitable for one person to one person or very few people. And I think the most suitable weapon for personal EDC is the Self Defense Mala, also kown as Steel Mala. The beads are strung with steel wire, which is very solid. You can twist your hands with it when you are fine, or you can pray with it and chant buddhist scripture. Carry it on plane or subway casually, never worry about being gotten confiscated.

The advantages are

1 Legal

2 Can increase the attack range

3 With a striking head (heavy bead), the attack power will be enhanced


A Self Defense Tool can't change anything at all, it can't change the world, neither can you or me. It does not play any role in most of the moments of our lives, and it has a very limited role in the few moments when it is needed. However, the world in the eyes of a woman with a Self Defense Product in her bag is undoubtedly different from the world in the eyes of a woman without a Self Defense Tool: the world may not be so dangerous, but she is ready to protect herself.

We are always prepared, in order not to need it forever.

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