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Which Self Defense Weapons Are Suitable For Women?

In recent years, the report regarding population disappearances is nothing new. Among these people, young women account for a certain proportion. Recently, the disappearance case of Zhang Yingying in the United States has also been in full swing, which has once again caused people to debate and think about raising security awareness. Increasing security awareness is of course important, but in the event of bad luck, we can’t sit still. Let’s take a look at which Self Defense Weapons are suitable for women?

1: Self Defense Tactical Pen

Tactical pen is definitely the most versatile of all Self Defense Weapons. In addition to self defense, some tactical pen can also be used to write with a refill, and some high-quality tactical pens can also be used to break windows in emergencies.

In terms of legality, the tactical pen does not have any problems. The tactical pen is known as "a concealed enough survival tool that can be carried around the world." Even if you are flying, there will not be too many problems. Moreover, the tactical pen’s size is same to a common pen, which can be carried in ordinary handbags and pockets.

2: Survival Knife

There are many kinds of survival knives, which are necessary tools for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Different survival knives have different profiles. Most of the survival knives are made of stainless steel or medium carbon steel, and the body is thick, the handle is robust. It is not only suitable for use as a tool during survival, but also very suitable as a self defense weapon.

3: Chinese Hairpin Knife

Hairpins are one of the necessary hair accessories for many long-haired girls. Hairpins are generally made of wood and are difficult to use as weapons. But the hairpin knife has a small spike or knife hidden in the hairpin, which is a very good self defense weapon.

In terms of legitimacy, hairpin knives are same to survival knives, have no problem in purchasing and holding. Even when taking public transportation, in addition to strict security checks such as airports, other modes of transportation are generally allowed.

4: Pepper Spray

Pepper spray, commonly known as spicy spray. Listening to this name, you will know what this thing is used for. This weapon is extremely powerful. Once it is sprayed on the face, even the most powerful people will instantly be incapacitated, and they can only cry on the ground.

At present in China, there are no clear legal regulations for pepper sprayers, but if there is no regulation, it can be considered legal. However, when taking public transportation, there are some problems with the pepper sprayer, depending on the local situations. However, it is definitely not allowed to carry in the aircraft

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