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Why shall we carry Self Defense Tools everyday?

All the time the Internet are being flooded with many reports of security incidents. Such personal security incidents can make people feel insecure. We often hear elders teach us not to appear in the wrong place at the wrong time. But this can’t be a foolproof approach to protect ourselves. We don’t want to make fun of our own safety, so we must learn Positive Defense.

Does Tactical EDC Gear list needs to contain Self Defense Tools? This is a problem. Some people think they must carry it, while others think it is understandable even if they don’t carry it, and my opinion is carrying Self Defense Items is a very necessary matter, because you will never know when the danger will come. Even if I don’t use these Self Defense Weapons for a long time, I will carry them with me everyday.

For many people, when it comes to Self Defense Products, the first thing that comes to mind is knife. "Self Defense with knife? Don't be funny, not reliable", this article specifically elaborated this wrong view, the weapon is very unsuitable for self defense. In my opinion, the no.1 application of the folding knife in EDC Gears is to open a express parcel and peel the apple, just forget it if you use it for Self Defense.

For all Self Defense Tools, we must follow these points.

The first is legality. Although Self Defense Items is still a relatively marginalized area around the world, it is better not to choose the items prohibited by your local Self Defense Laws ; the second is portability. Since it is a portable device, I want to carry it with me daily. Portability is the key point. Some people say that baseball bats are good for Self Defense, but they are disqualified for self defense due to they are too big; the secondary consideration is self defense effect. First of all, this tool’s main job is to defense, attack is second. The most important function of self defense products is to avoid the greatest degree of injury, and when the danger is further upgraded, this gear can also be used to deter the invader; The last point is the ease of use, the choice of Self Defense Gear should be considered over the ease of use in actual use. After the usual practice, when the danger is really coming, you will be able to response immediately.

I am always thinking that, in advance of choosing a Self Defense Products that fit for us, we should have a certain degree of Self Defense Laws Knowledge and Skill. It is better that we can predict the danger and then stay away as far as possible. When the attack is really coming, the code of conduct should also be escape, hiding. Please forever remember that the face to face fighting back should be the last solution, and the Self Defense Tools with you is also the last defender.

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