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Why Should We Choose Brass Knuckles Or Police Baton As Self Defense Weapon?

Recently, there have been several questions about Self Defense Weapon. In summary, it is roughly such a situation: in the current environment (we should be China by default, you can’t carry guns and knives, and some other equipment that looks lethal), When encountering danger such as violent terrorist attacks, which equipment should be chosen to carry as a Self Defense Tool?

The answer I gave at the beginning was Expandable Baton. Later, some friends said that Baton Self Defense has also been prohibited, and there is no guarantee that they can pass the security check of railways and public transportation such as subways, let alone aviation.

Later, a friend asked a similar question. My answer is Brass Knuckles Self Defense Real, which is a metal fists. Four fingers can be put into it and wear it on the hand. But some friends said that this was also prohibited.

Other friends provided options such as Tactical Flashlight With Attack Head or Tactical Pen.

From the answers, I found some problems. I'm not opposed to those instruments, but the focus is different.

The main function of the device I choose is Self Defense, regardless of attacking. For example, Retractable Baton Self Defense is actually an iron stick. It can be used without any foundation. It can be used to block the hacking of knives and other attacks. The same as Brass Knuckles, Putting a metal ring on the fist can also block when it is in crisis, in order to avoid being hurt by the invader's attack. The most flexible part of the human body is the hand, and the success rate of blocking the invader's attack with fist is the highest.

All of these are issues considered under the premise of not being able to escape in time, all for the purpose of preventing invader from causing great harm to you. When encountering violent terrorist attacks, especially the knife hacking in crowded areas, blocking will be the most important when you can’t run away. Once the block is successful, you will have enough opportunities to seek the road to break away from the attack, the rioter is impossible to chase you all the time, and besides you have good Self Defense Tools. For terrorists, this is not a good aim.

As for the Tactical Flashlight and Tactical Pen, in fact, the usage is similar to the dagger. In my opinion, this is an offensive weapon, because when you hold it in your hand, these devices only bare a short attack part, you can't effectively block to protect yourself, you can only take the initiative to attack invader, once you encounter a guy who is holding a knife with great lethality, such as a watermelon knife that is one foot long. These Self Defense Products are useless. You can't use these instruments to effectively protect yourself from injury. You can only fall with the terrorist.

The biggest use of things like Self Defense Sticks and Brass Knuckles is that you can use them to block invaders' weapons, not to make them hurt yourself, or to reduce the injury, and then run away.

Self Defense, can't be excited, the first is safety. Because for most ordinary people who do not have any combat experience, blocking the injury of invader's weapon is much more important than how powerful your weapon is.

Whenever you can escape, do it as soon as possible, get away from unsafe areas. Don't think about how to deal with gangsters. This is my advice to the common people without any fighting experience and military combat skills.

A friend said that pepper spray was also a good product, but in my opinion, this is still an offensive device. Why? Because of this problem, my design scene was a violent terrorist attack. In fact, the cause of this problem was also asked by a friend. If you encounter a violent terrorist attack in a public place, then how should you carry a Self Defense Tool?

So the answer is simple. You assume that your opponent is a thug holding a watermelon knife at least one foot long. It may even be a two-foot knife, an axe or the like.

At this time, the opponent’s arm length plus weapons is at least 90 cm to one meter up and down (normal human arm length is usually 60 cm if not including palm, and the blade is 30+ cm for one foot). When the opponent swings the knife, you want to attack the opponent with a tactical flashlight, tactical pen, or Pepper Spray, you must first reach out your hand into the opponent's one-meter killing radius before launching an attack. I believe that as soon as you reach out and haven’t reach the opponent's body (your arm length), your body or hand will be cut and lose counterattack ability.

This is why I insist on recommending Extendable Baton Self Defense and Real Brass Knuckles. Because they are defensive items, your opponent hacks you, you run while blocking, don't think about attacking, because you don't have professional combat skill. Even if the professionally trained special soldier, who faces one guy wielding a machete, are not 100% sure that they can subdue him without any hurt.

The Brass Knuckles is indeed too small and easy to get injured, but this is no choice. Perhaps your fist and fingers will be cut off a piece, but it is better than blocking the blade with bare hands. This is the helpless choice of the lesser of two evils.

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