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2022 Type 1000 Non Lethal Real Brass Knuckles Ring

2022 Type 1000 Non Lethal Real Brass Knuckles Ring

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  • Made of real H-59 brass, 18mm Ultra-Thick, It won't hurt your fingers forever
  • The surface are polished carefully, very smooth
  • No spike, single finger, a normal ring profile. It can pass polices' security check easily.
  • CNC processing with Computer Carving Machine, all details are treated very carefully.
  • This is the Best Self Defense Tools
  • Diameter of the hole:23mm
  • Size:56mm x 36mm x 18mm
  • Weight:192g

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Rice

This piece of brass is finished incredibly well. There is not a sharp edge on it anywhere. I can’t put it down. It has a really nice weight to it. I would hesitate to hit someone with it unless your intention is to really hurt them. It sure is fun to play with. I will be putting in another order.

Joseph Lara
Spectacular product

I feel in my humble opinion this works better than any and all standard regular brass knuckles I've had in the past
This carries more weight is much heavier and thicker feels more durable and like it'd do much more damage than the other pairs I had in the past

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  • Are you able to provide PayPal as a payment method ??

    You can tell me your paypal account, I will send you an invoice to you.
    Then you can pay.
    But I can't add paypal method under my product page.
    Because paypal doesn't allow selling self defense products, like knuckle duster, baton etc

  • When is either of the g10 knuckle ring or the Micarta knuckle ring in stock?

    they are discountinued, only brass material is available

  • What does the statement in the description mean “ It won't hurt your fingers forever”?

    It is thick enough,, so you won't feel it cutting your fingers when punching