Full Stainless Steel Buddism Mala Self Defense Necklace EDC Defense Tool

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  • Made of full Stainless Steel. Powerful and very cool, can be as self-defense whip, waist chain, necklace, car decoration, it is a creative Self Defense Products.
  • Full weight 380g, full length 104cm, bead diameter 10 mm.It can break zip-top can. The power is enough to deter invader.
  • It has a 108 buddha beads that has been blessed by eminent monks, which can be as an amulet. It can bring luck, fortune for you.
  • The length can be micro-adjusted by a screwdriver easily, screwdriver has been included in packing.
  • Legal completely, It can be carried anywhere.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Prayer Beads!

I really have nothing bad to say about this piece of jewelry. The weight is heavy but not too heavy. The beads are all so shiny and smooth. The detailed accent on these sacred buddist prayer beads is so detailed and beautiful, it just is a solid piece of jewelry all over. The weight and the fact it is SO SO STRONG just proves it will be great in self defense. It can be worn in many ways but I will probably end up wearing mine as a bracelet, since it just looks better as one. All in all, a very quality item.

Great looking and strong, very strong

It shure took a long time to get here but yes iam satisfied with this product. Heavy and strong. Looks awesome, my favorite piece of "jewelry" right now.
It will do some damage if needed to. Trust me, is heavy, very heavy.

Beauty & Braun

This self defense weapon isn't all beauty, it packs a nasty punch too. I am loving my new necklace!! Knowing it has 108 beads blessed by eminent monks, is intriguing. It looks fantastic when worn as a necklace or wristlet. It's heavy enough to make you feel secure. The sound it makes, when used as a lashing whip, is musical to my ears. This is quality, full stainless steel, not some flimsy aluminum stuff. This necklace will last a lifetime, it's strong! I'm extremely happy with it! Even considering getting a few more as presents for a few family members. You will Not regret this purchase.


This is a really beautiful piece! It is solid and much heavier than I expected, but I guess that's what makes it a great self-defense weapon! It is really pretty and I love that it's been blessed. I am big into meditation and prayer beads anyway, so this was right up my alley!


This has to be by far the most beautiful self defence tool I've seen. It is a solid piece that you can wear everyday while feeling safe in case you need to defend yourself. Love that it can be adjusted and let's not forget the beautiful box it come in. This is a perfect gift if you want to have peace of mind.


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