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Appreciation of 5 Special Hidden Self Defense Weapons

Some scholars believe that one reason why Europe developed better than other regions is that its use of firearms, such as guns. The guns left the original cold weapons such as bows and arrows and spears far behind. But in fact, in modern society, when it comes to Self Defense at close range, most firearms have a prohibition problem. Since "Cold Weapons" are normally easy to manufacture and there are no strict legal prohibition, sometimes cold weapons are more suitable for Self Defense.

It may be easier to use at close fight than a firearm!

1.Kusarigama/Kusari Fundo

Kusarigama-cakra edc gadgets

Kusarigama is one of the most lethal and favourite weapons for ancient Japanese. It is a combination of a long chain and a sickle. If a heavy object or iron ball is attached to the other end of the chain, it can be also used as a bola. The main use of Kusarigama is to use sickle to make a lethal slash; trip the enemy with a chain; strangle the enemy with an iron chain; hit the head or eyes with the iron ball end. However, it is important to practice before using it, if you have not practiced, you must be careful.

2.Ninja Darts /Throwing Star

Throwing Star -cakra edc gadgets

Throwing Star are metal weapons of sharp stars. They are easier to produce than throwing knives and can be very small. Ninja darts can be soaked in poison or meet various requirements. It can also be made of any material, including tin cans, or even hard plastics. However, the chance of the Ninja Dart being found after throwing is not high, so a certain of amount needs to be prepared. However, if the arm is not long enough, it will be very difficult to use. The best throwing range is a few feet away from the target, so that you can get a certain of rotation speed.


Atlatl - cakra edc gadgets

The Atlatl or spear thrower was invented by the primitive humans. The device is basically a semi-circular tube with a cap on one end, which can be used to shoot spears and darts. When the spear or dart leaves the thrower, it gains more power and speed. Historically, spear throwers are mostly made of wood, and few weapons can match it: light weight, good concealment, and great power. Because the thrown object is given a speed of nearly 100 miles per hour, it can cause more damage than several other weapons. At the same time, you can try to add a spring at the end of the cap to obtain a higher speed. In this way, even if the average speed of 1700 miles per hour (the average speed of bullets) cannot be achieved, it can achieve an amazing speed of 500 miles per hour under the same conditions.


Makibishi - cakra edc gadgets

Makibishi is an Cool Self Defense Weapons invented by ancient Asians. The shape is a three-dimensional six-pointed star with very sharp spikes, aimed at the enemy's feet. On the surface, this particular weapon does not seem to have much lethality. But as long as throw a small amount of Makibishi, it can limit the activities of 5 to 6 people, and the effect is better when throwing a large amount with a launcher. Simply speaking, it is especially suitable for escape.


Yawara - cakra edc gadgets

Yawara is a small piece of wood or metal designed to rest on the palm. It is used to hit pressure points and other sensitive areas, such as the eyes or parts of the face. This is a melee weapon and can also be used to make punching more effective. As a Concealed Self Defense Weapons, this weapon stands out because it is very compact, easier to conceal than a gun, and more easily overlooked.

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