Acala Full Stainless Steel Self Defense Beads Bracelet

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  • Product Features:
  • Small bead diameter: 10mm
  • Small bead weight: 3g
  • Big bead diameter: 26mm
  • Big bead weight:46g
  • Length A(for wrist circumference <16cm) full weight: 514g
  • Length B(for wrist circumference between 16cm to 17cm) full weight: 523g
  • Length C(for wrist circumference >17cm) full weight: 532g
  • The bracelet is a little heavy, it is especially suitable for strong men. Please pay attention to the weight before purchase
  • It is also better to measure your wrist diameter before purchase.

Customer Reviews

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Nice BIG Piece of Jewelry!

I was pleasantly surprised by the overall size AND weight of this one. When I say it's heavy, I mean it's very very heavy. Probably one of the heaviest things I've ever felt before. Since the length of this one was pretty long, I ended up using mine as a necklace but I definitely can see how this is a bracelet. If I wrapped my arm in this, it can be a protective shield like something Wonder Woman would have worn in battle. Apparently, it can break glass, as well. I haven't gotten around to test that claim but I don't doubt that at all. All in all, a very nice item I am happy to own and have on me now. I also like how it looks with my clothing, very "heavy metal!" (Quite literally! haha)


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  • Can this be used as a brass knuckle as well? Im trying to buy one of your products this looks like the best one in my opinion. But im in between this and the buddha chain

    Yes, it can be used as a knuckles.
    The 3 big balls can be as a support for your fingers.
    So I think the feeling is better than the buddha chain