Acala Full Stainless Steel Self Defense Beads Bracelet

Self Defense Weapon

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  • Product Features:
  • Small bead diameter: 10mm
  • Small bead weight: 3g
  • Big bead diameter: 26mm
  • Big bead weight:46g
  • Length A(for wrist circumference <16cm) full weight: 514g
  • Length B(for wrist circumference between 16cm to 17cm) full weight: 523g
  • Length C(for wrist circumference >17cm) full weight: 532g
  • The bracelet is a little heavy, it is especially suitable for strong men. Please pay attention to the weight before purchase
  • It is also better to measure your wrist diameter before purchase.

Customer Reviews

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Nice BIG Piece of Jewelry!

I was pleasantly surprised by the overall size AND weight of this one. When I say it's heavy, I mean it's very very heavy. Probably one of the heaviest things I've ever felt before. Since the length of this one was pretty long, I ended up using mine as a necklace but I definitely can see how this is a bracelet. If I wrapped my arm in this, it can be a protective shield like something Wonder Woman would have worn in battle. Apparently, it can break glass, as well. I haven't gotten around to test that claim but I don't doubt that at all. All in all, a very nice item I am happy to own and have on me now. I also like how it looks with my clothing, very "heavy metal!" (Quite literally! haha)


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