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Pendentif Spike Cross Self Défense

Pendentif Spike Cross Self Défense

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  • Fabriqué en acier inoxydable à haute résistance. Léger, solide et non toxique. Anti-corrosion, antirouille et sans allergie.
  • Excellente qualité de fabrication, robuste et durable. Pièce légère en acier inoxydable avec une finition de qualité bijou et des bords arrondis, s'adapte confortablement autour du cou.
  • La tête en tungstène intégrée peut casser n'importe quel matériau dur, tel que la roche, le verre, l'acier.
  • Design démonté créatif, peut être utilisé comme un collier croisé lors d'un usage quotidien. Passez facilement le contrôle de sécurité de l'aéroport.
  • Meilleurs articles d'autodéfense pour les femmes , votre femme, votre petite amie, votre fille et les membres de votre famille. Venez avec une chaîne à billes de qualité, prête à offrir ou à garder pour vous.
  • Seulement 43g

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Cross. A bit hard to use as a dagger.

The craftsmanship is gorgeous. It looks amazing with my leather jacket. In truth, it's probably one of my personal favorite pieces to own. It can be worn or held like a comtech stinger. (Push Dagger) The chain length is perfect for me, long enough to drape over my tshirts. The little metal nub that you use to attach the dagger with can be hidden away, behind your neck, for personal wear.

There is only one negative about this necklace and it is in the overall design. It's quite pleasing to the eye, I will admit, but a little unpractical for self defense. Now, the pointy tip is very sharp, and that alone would help to deter some intruder but when it comes to creating the "comtech stinger" the tool is a bit hard to put together. First of all, it just doesn't work. It feels weird in your hands and it's hard to keep in place without the little handle falling apart. The way the holes connect the "handle" section of the dagger just doesn't allow it to properly fit into the base of the cross without tipping right off. The chain is in the way and unless you can find a way to pry the cross off the chain with the handle bit, it will be difficult to use as the tool it was meant to be. It's very weird and wobbly and you'll have to squeeze to keep the "dagger" together. There is no "snap" to this. No connection at all. I would have loved this better if the two pieces could have snapped into each other creating the stinger, where you'd have to unlatch them to get them apart. Maybe even have the cross "release" the handle by giving it a button to do so. Anything would have been great but it just doesn't work this way. It's a nice piece of jewelry and I will wear mine with pride but I will definitely be reaching for something else in case of an emergency.

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