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15mm Ultra-Thick Bulldog Real Brass Knuckles Self Defense

15mm Ultra-Thick Bulldog Real Brass Knuckles Self Defense

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  • Real Brass Made, 15mm Ultra-Thick, It won't hurt your fingers forever
  • Brush Finish, the surface is very nice
  • CNC processing with Computer Carving Machine, all details are treated very carefully.
  • Great Self Defense Weapons For Men
  • Diameter of the hole:22mmx25mm
  • Size:60mm x 61mm x 15mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Very pleased with my purchase of the Bulldog Brass Knuckles. Extremely high quality-worth the wait!

Rose Shurtz

Its was well worth the wait!!
Will order again for sure .I was a little leary since I had not yet established a relationship w this company BUT...
The product came ( I got 15mm Bulldog Brass Knuckles) and I was really quite happy with it.
It was quality first. 100% and has perfect funtionality ..
I couldnt have made it better myself if I wanted to , Thanks so much its my new fav , its in my pocket everywhere I go.
Thank You
A happy customer.

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  • can you recommend brass knuckles with points or a blade that fits a woman?

    A pepper spray is better for a woman, but not brass knuckles.
    You don't have enough power to give the invader a deathblow.
    Escape is better than attack.