Full Brass Buddha Beads Self Defense Beads Mala Necklace

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  • Will the golden dragon full stainless necklace tarnish or lose the two tone golden color. What material is the golden color in this necklace. Also for your full brass buddha mala necklace will it tarnish or just patina. Some of your other necklaces list as full stainless steel vs just steel. What is the difference in the steel is one more prone for rusting and tarnishing vs the other. If so is it better to just order the full stainless steel and do you offer some kind of warranty for the jewellery. Thank you

    The golden dragon full stainless necklace may be color going, because the golden color is electroplated. The material of this necklace is full stainless steel.
    The full brass mala necklace won't be color going, but it will tarnish, because this necklace is made of full brass. If you don't like antique brass style, you can use metal polish to make them bright regularly.