Zinc Alloy Folding Brass Knuckles Self Defense Tools For Women

Cakra EDC Gadgets

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  • Can be transformed into a self defense knuckles very easily, unique creative design!
  • Carved with fine chinese traditional pattern, can be worn as a normal ring, pass airport security check easily.
  • Made of hard zinc alloy, no rusting, and durable.Skin-Friendly for stainless steel sensitive people.
  • only 110g, very light.
  • Inner diameter is 22mm, approx Size 12. Special attention before purchase.


Ask a Question
  • Are these only for women? What are the sizes?

      Don't care about the title, both men and women can use it
      The title just meets the keyword search requirement.
      The size is one size fits most.
      As long as you don't have extremly fat fingers, you can wear it without any problem.
      I haven't received any complaints about size till now